Clothes you DON’T run in?

If you were expecting to read some ramblings about running here today,you’re in for a big surprise because today I’m talking about clothes…the NON-RUNNING kind! You see, I had some fashion fun this weekend and a couple of you said I should blog about it. If this doesn’t float your boat, feel free to stop reading and come back in a few days when I’ll be banging on about running again.

Anyway. Non Running Clothes.

To be honest, I’d kind of forgotten they existed. As a stay-at-home mum, my working week’s wardrobe is basically sweatpants and casual tops. If I dress up, we’re talking jeans and boots. This is partly because I don’t really go to many places that require dressing up and partly because I’m naturally stingy careful with my money as regards clothes. I don’t bring any money into the household these days, so being decadent with the Husband’s hard-earned cash feels wrong. (This moral high-ground does seem to exclude running clothes, as you may have noticed. I justify this by not being the member of a gym).

Anyway. The basic truth is I had no nice clothes any more in my wardrobe. The Husband got sick of me moaning about this, and for my Christmas present, organised an appointment with a personal stylist in Nordstrom and gave me a budget to spend. Yes, I am flipping lucky. And on Saturday, my appointment came up. I had dieted all week and lost a whole pound (although I ‘deflated’ and looked much better). I had a minor freak out about what to wear for a stylist appointment so decided to wear what I’d wear for lunch with my friends – skinny jeans, boots and a black top.

My stylist was gorgeous. Early twenties, TEENY tiny and utterly beautiful but so very friendly and approachable that she didn’t intimidate me at all. She’d prepared my dressing room with six or seven outfits for me to try on. There were some things I loved and some things I wasn’t so keen on. Some things were the kind of prices I could deal with, some things were more than I could get my head round. I tried on everything she brought me, whether they were ‘my style’ or not. Which is how I ended up buying THESE!

Heels I don’t wear heels. I definitely don’t wear high heels from the Ivanka Trump collection. But somehow, now I do. And I love them.

Clearly photos would make this post a lot more fun. So I tried taking some posey photos tonight and it was just painful, so you’ll have to imagine. I got…

…a super-foxy navy dress that literally fits perfectly. I cannot put on a single ounce any more. The Husband declared this the hottest dress I’ve ever owned. I don’t disagree.

…ankle boots. I spent two hours trying to decide if I could justify these really cute ankle boots. And I decided I could, so I bought them, andย apparently the cool kids wear them with skirts. I shall be trying this. I was going to buy them in navy but branched out and went for the grey.


…a really grown up pair of black trousers which are being tailored to fit my short, stumpy legs. And a belt. My first grown-up belt.


…a lovely swingy cardigan.

I dithered for a while about whether to buy my first pair of designer jeans and then decided I just couldn’t spend that much on denim when American Eagle fit me so well. However I ended up going to Ann Taylor which had 50% off EVERYTHING and bought two pairs of jeans (one black, one navy) jeans, a simple navy top with buttons on the shoulders and a foxy navy top with a zip all the way down the back!

It’s always funny when your son demonstrates how this top unzips completely during coffee at church.

Clearly, there’s nothing edgy or cool in the above but I’m fine with that. I’m not edgy and cool but I am now nicely dressed and feeling a bit better about my impending last-30s-birthday! So the moral of this story is…

  • personal stylists are not as terrifying as you might expect
  • Nordstrom has some decently priced items
  • Ivanka Trump’s shoes are surprisingly comfortable
  • This year, I will mostly be wearing navy!

Thank you for bearing with me. Usual running chat will resume in the next post ๐Ÿ™‚

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Liz says:

    You look AMAZING I would die for your figure and I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself so much it’s a great pick me up isn’t It? Especially with a birthday on its way ๐Ÿ™‚ hope you’ve got plans which involve dress, shoes and much more;-) xx

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thank you so much, lovely girl. That’s so kind. It’s funny how we’re always so down on our own bodies, isn’t it. It was so much fun…did you get good stuff with the Debenhams lady? I miss Debenhams! Birthday plans definitely involve the new clothes…new shoes if it doesn’t rain ๐Ÿ™‚ x

      1. Liz says:

        Yes she helped me chose my outfit for Debs wedding like you chose loads of things I wouldn’t have taken off the rack it was great fun one day I may have enough money to do it again! X

  2. Angela says:

    How fun! I feel like this would definitely be a neat thing to do at least once. Glad you found some things you liked! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thanks. It was a lot more fun than I expected, I was a bit nervous going in. But it seems to have reignited my girly side which is quite nice ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Layla says:

    I agree with Angela; this does seem like something worth doing. You got an outsider’s opinion and suggestions, and you weren’t alone trying to decide if something actually looked halfway decent. Maybe that’s why I hate shopping? And that blue dress is adorable! I like blue. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Cathryn says:

      I usually hate shopping too but this was fun. I’d definitely recommend it and she managed not to make me feel obliged to buy stuff as well. Glad you like the dress…wearing it on Thursday!

  4. Jen says:

    I demand photos of the HOT BLUE DRESS!!!
    Glad you had a great time and bought some new things. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Cathryn says:

      Wearing it out on Thursday…I’ll be the most overdressed girl in the burger place ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Bean says:

    Insert wolf whistle here! How fun and that dress is super cute!!! I own a few pairs of heels….that I have never really worn but I feel better for owning them:) I love those ankle boots! I have been on the hunt for some myself but have yet to find the perfect pair. I am so glad you had fun!

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