Bay Breeze Training: Week Two

After a disappointing first week training, which just revealed how far I had to go to rebuild my fitness, this week was a little more encouraging.

Saturday: Long Run

12 miles in the sunshine by the bay on tired legs.

Sunday: 12 mile bike ride

Family Cycling

Monday:-4 mile intervals.

Same as last week. 1/2 mile warm up, 12 x (1 min fast, 1 min recovery), jog home.

PM – 4 miles walking on the treadmill in the evening as part of my resolution not to spend evenings on my bum on the sofa.

Tuesday: 4 miles evening treadmill walking

Wednesday: 6 mile tempo run.

After last week’s disappointing run, I was mentally prepared to fight harder this week. I think mental state is so important, don’t you?  M1 – Warm-up. M2,3,4 – tempo. M5 – recovery, M6 – tempo. My average speed was 8.38 and my tempo miles averaged 8.20. (Compare with last week’s tempo average of 8.40). REALLY happy with this workout!

PM – Yoga

Back to yoga after a few weeks away. Most of my town was there – clearly everyone’s NY Resolution was to go to yoga. It felt good to be back and to stretch those poor muscles!


Thursday: 4 miles evening treadmill walking.

In other news…I am in need of some style advice! Seriously!

Bearing in mind that, as a SAHM, I spend most of my time in yoga-pants and running gear, I am waaay out of it on what the cool kids wear (or even what the other normal 30-somethings wear). So for Christmas, the Husband fixed me up an appointment with a personal stylist at Nordstrom and gave me some money to spend on clothes. (I know, he’s a star).  So I have dipped a toe into the slightly terrifying waters of Pinterest (here are my boards) and I genuinely would welcome any thoughts on any famous people dresses well for their late 30’s whose style I can basically copy. We are NOT talking the Kardashians, just to be clear. Judgement Day My stylist appointment is the first weekend in February so I have time to get some style! At present, most of my pinning on Pinterest is ginger cats and kale recipes! Nordstrom do not sell gingers or kale!

Have a great weekend, everyone.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Susie M says:

    Good work on that tempo run! Been lurking for a while but thought I’d say hi. I’m reading from the UK, near Oxford to be precise. Visited San Fran a couple of years ago and really jealous you get to live and run in that beautiful area. for style advice try checking out the ‘Wearing it Today’ blog, some of it is on the pricey side but she usually suggests budget alternatives.

    1. Cathryn says:

      I’m so glad you came out of lurkdom! Thanks! I was only thinking about Oxford earlier this week, you live in a pretty lovely place yourself! Thanks for the style blog advice too – off to check it out!

  2. Angela says:

    Awwww, how sweet and thoughtful! Don’t feel bad – I work in an office & also do not really know what the cool kids / chic 30-somethings wear. But I am obsessed with Pinterest, and am now following all your boards. 🙂

    1. Cathryn says:

      So glad I’m not the only style-challenged girl out there. Thanks for following me on Pinterest, your boards are AMAZING, I scanned them earlier and am off to stalk them properly. You really are the Pinterest queen.

  3. Jen says:

    I have no idea about fashion either – sorry! But I hope you do a blog post about your session with the stylist!!

    Great tempo miles — really excited to see how your training unfolds for Bay Breeze!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I thought I might share my stylist session, glad you mentioned this. Should be worth a giggle.

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