2013 on the run

One of the things I most like about this end-of-year period is the chance to think about the year that’s gone and remember the best bits, so I’m doing a little review of 2013. I did this last year and I’m going to use the same format again as it worked well! I nicked the format from Theodora’s blog so can’t take any credit.

Without further ado…

Best Race Experience

It would HAVE to be San Francisco. It was just a brilliant weekend. We had really lovely friends to stay. The Husband and one of our friends ran the 1st Half Marathon. I PR’d beyond my wildest dreams in the 2nd Half. All the local running bloggers were out and about, running or spectating. The weather was gorgeous…the whole weekend was just brilliant!!

Such a great day!
Such a great day!

Most Inspiring Runner

I think it has to be the amazing Zoe Romano, the girl who ran the Tour de France route this summer. I am in awe of what she achieved!! However, without meaning to be cheesy, I have to honestly say my main inspiration has been all of you girls who read my blog and have become my friends, both in real life and online. Your enthusiasm and achievements  have spurred me on enormously, so THANK YOU!!

My Best Run

Without doubt, it was my Headlands run with Jen last month. I was on a total endorphin run for the whole thing (except maybe a few minutes on Miwok Trail). That running adventure was the cherry on the icing of the cake, the prize for the hours of bog-standard running I put in every week!! Jen and I have our next adventure planned for this weekend, unless it rains particularly badly. I can’t wait!

I will love Jen forever for taking this photo.
I will love Jen forever for taking this photo.

Best New Gear

I’m not really into gear but this would be a tie between my Moving Comfort Sprint skirts and the Nathan Intensity race vest. The vest would probably just pip the skirts to the post as it never causes chafing and sometimes the skirts do

Back View
Your winner!

Best Running Advice

I think  very sadly it would have to be all of you who told me not to run the Berkeley 10k on a badly sprained ankle. It was the right decision, even though it made me glum.

My right cankle.
My right cankle.

Most Exiting Moment

This would have to be the moment when the Husband won his Age Group at the Apple Hill Blossom Trail Run. It was followed shortly afterwards by the Funniest Moment when we found out he’d been given the award by mistake, coming in half an hour after the actual winner.

How did this happen, he wondered.
How did this happen, he wondered.

And finally…

Best Gamble

This would have to be the time I invited an Internet Stranger to come and stay and race with us. Bean flew across the country and we had an utter BLAST!!!!

Queen Bean
Queen Bean

I would LOVE to know your answers for the questions above – what were your best bits of 2013?


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Bean says:

    Love this and love that I made the list! What an honor! What an amazing year! Cheers to 2014 and more running adventures!

    1. Cathryn says:

      2014’s going to be epic!! x

  2. Brianna says:

    Best Bits of 2013
    1. Best Race – Wildflower Triathlon (My first! Always great to set out and take on a new challenge) Best running only race would have to be the Giants 10K where I got my PR!
    2. Best run – since nothing is sticking out from earlier this year (or month even), I am going to go with 6 mile negative split/progression run of last week because I just felt strong throughout.
    3. Best gear – My Norditrack Treadmill (i technically got in the end of last year, but fell in love with it this year) Tempo, Intervals and hills all right in front of the TV in my office.
    4. Running Advice – I stole this one from Dimity from Another Mother Runner (not a mom, but love those ladies) “Don’t think, just go.” Definitely got me out of bed for early morning runs and workouts
    5. Best Gamble – Doing a Triathlon (see above.) This was a good gamble because I am defintely going to do another one
    6. Most exciting momement seeing my boyfriend with our newish puppy during the transitions of my triathlon. He had gone camping with me for Wildflower, but because I thought dogs weren’t allowed, I thought he was going to stay at the campsite with the puppy… I guess they were really laxed with that policy because he was there the whole time. I even got to give him (and the dog) a kiss on my way out for the run 🙂
    7. Most inspirational runner(s) – The whole running community who rallied around what happened in Boston and just kept running.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Awesome answers, thank you for taking the time to do that! I really loved the puppy moment too…very glad you remembered to kiss the dog. Hugely impressed about Wildflower as well, it sounds so hard. And YES to the whole Boston Strong thing. It made me very proud to be a runner!

  3. 1. Best race experience: Completing the my first marathon.
    2. Inspiring Runner: All my blog running friends as well as my new home state of Massachusetts and after such tragic events of the marathon we have all come together and we are all Boston Strong! What a great thing to be a part of.
    3. Best run: I loved my Jingle Bell 5K from this past weekend. First costume run and I had so much fun seeing all the costumes and taking part of the whole event.
    4. Running Gear: Compression socks!!! Love them, Need them!!!
    5. Running Advice: Rest! Your body begs for it so listen!
    6. Most Exciting Moment: Realizing I can achieve so much and I shock myself at each and every race but I am not sure anything compares to that moment when I made it 26 miles and started crying through the last .2 of my first marathon. (I know it’s on this twice but really overwhelming experience
    7. Best Gamble: Putting myself out there like taking the risk of failure by signing up for a race or expressing my thoughts through my blog. It has been a gamble to try at times but so worth it!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I LOVE your answers so much, especially the bit about crying in the last 0.2 of your marathon. Made me all weepy for you.

      Still unconvinced about compression socks though 🙂

  4. After your weekend with Bean, I’ve been begging her to come to Birmingham. And you are invited too!:) Love that Headlands run. I swear that’s been in Runner’s World (rave runs) before. Has it? And need to check out those Nathan vests!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I would seriously get on a plane in a heartbeat! We need to do this, you have some amazing trails I’d love to run – as long as you go first to dislodge the spider webs!!

      LOVE my vest, really like it.

      I suspect the headlands HAVE been in Rave Runs – they’re also all over the Salomon ads in Trailrunner Mag etc. They’re kind of spectacular. Bean and I are organising a Bay Area Running Camp in the Spring. If you come, we promise to take you there!

  5. Jen says:

    Fun recap – it’s been a great year (minus the sad ankle)! And I definitely agree re: best run of the year! I’ll have to do this year-in-review thing too. I’m waiting until next week so I could do a full post on highlights and revisiting my 2013 goals.

    As for the compression socks (see above) — I’m not sold on them either (re: whether they actually work), but I love wearing them! 😉

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