52 or bust: week 4

So far, so good. Training continues and is going well – most of all, I’m still really enjoying it. The Berkeley 10k is next weekend and I’m very excited about it!

This week was notable for three reasons:

1)  I’m going to Boulder in December!!!  For non US readers, Boulder is a town in Colorado which is an outdoor sports mecca and I have longed to go there for a long time now! Our apartment is being partly renovated  so we are getting out and going away. The plan is three days in Boulder, four days skiing! I am VERY excited about the whole trip, so if you know Boulder and have any recommendations, PLEASE let me know! Also, if you can suggest the perfect ski resort for a Fearless Ski-Ninja, a Nervous Ninny and a Rookie Pre-Schooler, then that would be ace.

2) I crossed the 1,000 mile marker for 2013. This was one of my New Year’s Resolutions and I am really chuffed with myself. I recognise that many runners notch up 2,000 or even 3,000 miles per year, but I am not them and I am pretty happy!

3) Batkid. If you didn’t hear about this, here’s a summary. I woke up yesterday morning, scanned the news headlines and was so depressed about it all. And then, out of nowhere, a miniature hero came along and thousands of people came out on the streets to support him. I spent most of the day misty-eyed with happiness because of the goodness in people’s hearts. That’s not a common occurrence! @JLBallinger tweeted the following, which pretty much summed it up.

You didn’t just save a mascot today, #SFBatKid. You and @SFWish just saved a lot of people’s faith in humanity. So freaking cool.

Anyway. Wipe your eyes. This is what this week’s running looked like.

Saturday: ‘Easy run’ (ha). 12 mile trail run with Jen in the headlands!

Alta Trail
Alta Trail

Sunday: 2.6 mile easy stroll at Rancho San Antonio. OH MY QUADS!

Pretty gorgeous hills!
Pretty gorgeous hills!


Tuesday: 4 mile interval training.  0.5m warm up. 10 x (1 min fast, 1.5 mins recovery) in 36 at 8.54. Slower than last week (8.47). Must try harder!

Wednesday morning: 10.6  mile long run

A lovely long run along the Bay Trail – so warm that I ended up running in my sports bra! Scandalous! How can this be November? My favourite moment was when a line of roughly 30 pelicans flew overhead. Just spectacular! 10.6 miles at 8.59 pace.

Wednesday evening: Yoga

My third time. I remain by far the worst in the class. At least twice, I momentarily gave up, sat on my mat and laughed. But everything felt so good for the stretching. I am really enjoying yoga at the moment.

Friday: 7 mile tempo run.

The plan was M1 – warm up, M 2,3,4,5 – tempo, M6 – recovery, M7 – tempo. My overall pace was 8.44 and my tempo pace was 8.24. It was tough though, so tough. Made me realise that I’m going to have to fight for my goal time!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Angela says:

    Winter Park or Breckenridge! Also, the ski ninja might be interested in a day at Arapaho Basin.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thanks for this. We’ve booked into Steamboat but appreciate the comment!

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