52 Or Bust: Week 3

Another decent week’s training in the books! I might even be a smidgen faster!

Saturday: 4 easy miles.

Monday: 10.5 mile long run – 1.39 at 9.19 pace.

I ran today in Half Moon Bay and my friend Amanda accompanied me on her bike. It was a LOT of fun to have a talkative companion to fill the miles, they FLEW by. She used to be an ER nurse, so had some great tales from those days! At one point, we saw a guy up ahead, who saw us and sped up a little. Obviously we tried to catch him, and, as we passed him, Amanda said loudly ‘By my reckoning, Cat, that’s 12 miles, good work’. (It was only mile 6). The guy diverted onto a different path at that point! The run was supposed to be 11 miles but I bailed on the last half-mile in favour of coffee with my pal in Starbucks!

Wednesday: 4 miles fartlek – 35 mins at 8.47 pace

0.5 mile warm up. 10 x (1 min fast, 1.5 min recovery), 0.5 mile cool down. Really happy that instead of needing every second of the two minutes recovery time that I needed the first time I did this, I was ready and able to go again after one and a half minutes this time. Somewhat surprised the total time was more or less the same. Never mind.

The weather today was gorgeous
The weather today was gorgeous

Wednesday evening: Yoga

The Husband was away this week and I had no babysitter so I had to miss my class and did an online workout in the living room, assisted by the cat who sat on my feet throughout the class. I definitely prefer the actual class – I found it harder to concentrate by myself and found myself making lists of things that needed doing when I was finished.

Friday: 6 mile tempo run – 52 mins at 8.37

REALLY happy about this run. I ran M1 – warm up, M2,3,4,5 – tempo, M6 – cool down. This was the first time I’d strung together four tempo miles and that last mile required a lot of arm pumping but it also came in as my fastest mile at 8.10. The tempo miles averaged 8.17. My tempo runs have got a tiny bit faster every week, this is a source of great happiness.

Hugely excited about the weekend – I’m hitting the trails with Jen! And my hydration vest arrived on Wednesday. I haven’t worn it running yet, which is foolish but I’ll survive! I am SO excited about this run!  Hope you have a good weekend too.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Yay for so much happy running! See you tomorrow!!

  2. Brianna says:

    Great training this week! I think you can totally make your time goal for the 10k. I have decided to do the 10 mile instead of the half since it fits better distance wise into where I am in marathon training. I would love to meet up and say hi in person 🙂 Happy train running this weekend to you and Jen!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Yes, I would LOVE to. Let’s sort it nearer the time. I like the idea of train-running too 🙂

  3. Brianna says:

    Whoops train should be trail 🙂

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