52 or Bust: Week 2

It’s been a great week! I am really enjoying this new training plan. As suspected, my original, structured plan of ‘Monday X, Tuesday Y‘ proved to be too rigid for me. So this week, I focussed on getting all the prescribed work-outs in but on days that suited me, and I’ve really loved it! At this optimistic point, I wonder if it might be a plan I can continue for a few more months until I next tackle a road half-marathon. But it’s still early days and you know how flakey I can be!


Saturday: 4 miles fartlekking at 8.57 pace- alternating 1 min fast/2 min recovery.

Sunday: 5 mile hike in the fog at pre-schooler pace.

Monday: 10 mile long run.

One of the downsides of being vegetarian Ovo-Lacto-Pescatarian is that most of my protein sources double as fibre sources. Let’s say no more. But my nicely planned route got changed a few times to find loos en route. I nearly bailed at mile 2, thinking I’d try again on a less fibrous day, but I stuck it out and had a lovely run. Didn’t push the pace for obvious reasons but really enjoyed my run.  Weather was perfect – coldish but sunny!! 10.2 miles at 9.36 pace.

Tuesday: Unexpected rest day

I had some mild shin discomfort today and seeing as I hoped my shin splints days were over, I decided to rest. I’ve recently swapped out my super-cushioned but ugly Nike Vomeros for my less-cushioned but much sexier Saucony Rides. I’ll switch into Ugly Town for the rest of the week.

Not cute.
Not cute.

Wednesday morning: 6 mile tempo run.

No shin pain, so rest day worked. Ugly shoes. The plan was M1 – normal, M2,3,4 – tempo, M5 – normal, M6 – tempo. It worked really well. The three tempo miles, strung together, were okay and on the last tempo mile, I focussed on pumping my arms, not on my tired legs! All in all, 6 miles in 52 mins at 8.39 pace and my 4 tempo miles averaged out at 8.22 pace. Really happy.

Wednesday evening: Yoga.  Still dreadful at it, but got some fantastic stretches in for my tired legs! Followed by wine and cheese with some of my bestest girls!

Friday: 4 miles fartlekking  A repeat of Saturday’s workout. Roughly same pace.

Once again, kick boxing fell by the wayside. I’m not totally surprised, I’m a little daunted and intimidated by the prospect of turning up the first time, so it was easy to find an excuse to swap it for another run. Oh well – there’s next week. Running does take priority. 

And…you didn’t think you’d get away without a Halloween photo did you? May I present my son, the cheese.

The Dude and his night's loot!
The Dude and his night’s loot!

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Bean says:

    That kid is just the cutest. The costume turned out great! And I am sure he was very pleased to find himself the owner of all that sugar!!! Great training week! I was thinking about run camp this week and had a thought about accommodations- maybe there is a cabin a group could rent. Then we could prepare some meals there and all stay there like a giant adult run nerd slumber party! RUN CAMP 2014! Other random comment- I have a friend who got a team into Hood to Coast and asked me to be part of the team. Whhaaaaatttt- got so excited peed myself a little:D!

    p.s. I am also horrible at yoga. Solidarity!

  2. Nicola Johnson says:

    More cheese Gromit!! Make mine Wensleydale!
    What stops me from fully commenting on ‘those shoes’ is remembering who bought them… would silver spray paint help?
    Good progress on the training plan though – it’s becoming a bit more weather dominated over here now. Autumn is most definitely here!

    1. Cathryn says:

      WELCOME BACK!!!!

      Silver Spray helps everything. I miss those days.

      1. Nicola Johnson says:

        Did you get my email reply?

      2. Cathryn says:

        Yes I did!! Will drop you a note later x

  3. Jen says:

    You have tiny adorable feet! Even the “ugly” Nikes are kinda cute, IMHO. Glad you figured out how to make the plan work for you. Sounds like you’re getting some good workouts in!
    The Dude is totally adorable – and I love that you dressed up as a mouse.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Ha, my tiny, adorable feet thank the kind lady for her words 🙂 I nearly wore the mouse costume for a race this morning but decided to stay in bed instead 😉

  4. Angela says:

    So cute!!

    I do the switch-up-the-day-of-the-week thing all the time (or, used to, when I did actual workouts….) & I found sometimes that was what I needed to get it done. (“Not feeling up to this today…What else am I supposed to do this week that I might be able to make it through?”) Nice week!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Glad the ‘fitting the workout round your week’ thing is an actual training mechanism and not just me being easily diverted 🙂

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