My first fartlek session -hehehe

This weekend, I only ran 4 miles.

It felt so very odd. Usually, weekends are ‘long run’ time  – anything from 9 to 12 miles. It takes a chunk out of a weekend. But because I’m getting my long-runs in on a Monday at the moment, all I had on my training plan was four measly, fartlek miles. I felt both liberated (all that spare time) and a little odd (did I miss something?).

This was pretty much my first ever fartlek session. (I still keep smirking about the name). As such, I had no idea about how to do it, so I did some googling, found various options and picked the ones I liked best. So off I headed. Half a mile warm-up and then repeats of 1 minute FAST and 2 minutes recovery! It was hard, especially the day after a tempo run! I needed every second of those recovery minutes! In the end, I did about 7 repeats of those intervals and then half a mile very VERY slow jog home! I was actually really happy with how it went (having nothing to compare it to)!  4 miles in total. 

And then on Sunday, we went hiking! The weather was atrocious. We drove up to Skyline, the ridge that follows the San Andreas Fault, to check out Russian Ridge, a new state park to us. The fog rolled in. It was grey, windy, a little damp and very cold. British weather. We used to hike in bad weather all the time in the UK but we have recently softened up, due to the California sunshine. So we baulked a little at the conditions. Ironically, it was the Dude who insisted we hiked, so we buckled up our big girl pants and set out.

A beautiful day for a hike!
A beautiful day for a hike!

It wasn’t the warmest of hikes, and the ‘inspirational view’ that the guidebook told us about was swathed in rolling grey fog, but it had its own beauty. Wild grassland that reminded us of Yorkshire gave way to an amazing forest filled with gnarled oak trees. Russian Ridge is very different to the lush redwood forests in Woodside that we’re familiar with. This park was wild, desolate and ever-so-slightly creepy in the fog. Both the Husband and I were more wary about mountain lions here than anywhere else we’ve hiked, and when falling leaves rustled in the forests, we were both a little edgy.

So chilly I wore the Dude's hat!
So chilly I wore the Dude’s hat!
Family portrait on Borel Hill...
Family portrait on Borel Hill…
A cracking trail into a forest!
A cracking trail into a forest!
Photobomb  with freckles :)
Photobomb with freckles 🙂
Ancient Oak Trail was lined with properly ancient oaks!
Ancient Oak Trail was lined with properly ancient oaks!

We hiked about 5 miles, my Dude’s little legs are getting stronger every week, and then drove home to snuggle under the duvet with hot chocolate!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Juli Bronzini says:

    Oh my goodness it was COLD yesterday! The pictures make it look insanely cold! I hope you drank grown-up hot chocolate to warm up(:

    1. Cathryn says:

      Alas I had too much grown-up grape juice the night before to make grown-up hot chocolate appealing. It WAS chilly…brrrrr!

  2. I always laugh about fartleks too. It just never gets old! And I love those ancient oaks!

    1. Cathryn says:

      They were quite special!!

  3. Bean says:

    You guys are hardcore hikers I think if you are out in less than perfect weather! Fartleks are funny and make speed work more fun because you can say that word!

    1. Cathryn says:

      It was quite fun, the bad weather. But we relished the hot chocolate afterwards!

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