52 Or Bust: Training Week 1

So we are nearly a week into ’52 Or Bust’…the Berkeley 10k Training plan. This is what it looked like.

Sunday: 5k stroller race! 8.36 pace.


Monday:  Long run.  My ‘long runs’ at the moment aren’t that long but I ran 9 hilly miles at a 10.01 pace, which, given the aforementioned hills, I was happy with!

Tuesday: Easy run.  4 easy miles at a 9.45 pace, remarkable only because it was actually chilly and I needed long sleeves and gloves for the first time this winter.

Wednesday: Yoga.  Nearly cancelled due to impromptu morning vomiting by the Dude but he was perfectly well by the evening so off I went. Candle-light yoga sounded so relaxing and chilled. In practice, massive drops of sweat dripped off my nose onto my mat and everything hurt! But I felt surprisingly chilled on the way home.

Thursday:   Tempo run. My plans got scuppered. When I headed to the treadmill in the evening (my legs ached too much from yoga to run earlier), someone was pounding away on the single treadmill in our development’s gym. I was forced to return to the sofa.

Friday: Kickboxing. Tempo Run.  Kickboxing was always the ‘Nice to do’ part of this training plan so I sacrificed it to get in the missed tempo run. My plan was  2 x (1m normal, 2m fast) and I pulled it off! My average pace was 8.41 but the average pace of my tempo miles was 8.20. I was TIRED by the last miles though! Happy enough.

Tomrrow, Saturday, I’ll do my planned fartlek session. Two successive speed sessions isn’t ideal but never mind. This week has been interesting, putting into practice what looked like a good plan on paper. I think I’ll rejig the order of the workouts to fit reality better, but on the whole, it’s been good and I have SO enjoyed actually training again!!

As regards my eating plan and my breezy declaration that I could ‘easily’ go carb-less during the day…this is my public admission of defeat. I like my carbs during the day. I have however eaten more healthily and carefully – fewer carbs, more protein – and I’m happy with those changes.


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