A girl with a plan!

The Running Lull is officially over! And I have a new goal and a plan. I’m the kind of girl who needs both a goal and a plan. Now I have both and that makes me really happy.

The goal race is the Berkeley 10k. It’s part of the inaugural Berkeley Half Marathon on November 24th. 5 weeks away as of Monday. My goal is 52:30 or below, which requires an 8.26 pace. For this mid-pack girl, that’s quite fast. So I wanted a formal training plan. I did some online research and didn’t find a plan that really suited me. Most involved running 5 x weekly which will burn my spirit out faster than cynicism! Lots of plans involved track workouts which WILL NEVER HAPPEN! So I took the key elements of each plan and pulled together my own plan. And this is what it looks like.

Monday:  Long run. Starting at 9 miles, working up to 12. With some faster miles thrown in.

Tuesday: Easy run. 4 miles, working up to 5.

Wednesday: Yoga. Yep, I’ve found a Wednesday evening class and I will be stretching this poor body on a weekly basis.

Remember my first yoga class? I was so good at it ;)
Remember my first yoga class? I was so good at it 😉

Thursday: Tempo run. 6 or 7 miles every week with increasing mileage at tempo.

Friday: Kickboxing. I desperately need to do some cross training. A while ago, I bought a groupon for a boxing gym and this class fits my schedule perfectly.

Saturday: Fartlek. (Hehe). 4 – 5 miles with speed intervals of varying length.

Look how fast I am!
Look how fast I am!

Sunday: Chill! 

In addition to the training, I also want to look at my diet. I am not ‘ON a diet’. I’m pretty happy with my weight – it hasn’t changed since I lost the baby weight. However since I became a veggie (ovo-lacto-pescatarian if you’re really fussy), I feel like I’ve thickened out. My waist feels thicker, my tummy feels more bloated. I think I’ve substituted meat/protein with too many carbohydrates. I’m a big fan of carbs and have no plans to ditch them, but I need to be more mindful of my carb consumption.

Last week, I read this really interesting post on Emily’s blog. She is basically trying an eating plan whereby she limits her carbs during the day, teaching her body to burn fat instead of carbs. She then eats her carbs at night, fuelling up for the morning’s run. This suits my family set-up very well – our dinners tend to be carb-heavy but I could easily (!) go carb-free during the day within sensible limits. Specifically, I would eat carbs before my long run and I would also eat some fruit. So I’m going to be adopting this eating plan for the 5 weeks of this training plan with the proviso that if anything feels odd, I ditch it immediately.  I’d be really interested in any comments you had about the plan!

Saying goodbye to French Toast until Nov 24th! (Not a great nutritional loss)
Saying goodbye to French Toast until Nov 24th!
(Not a great nutritional loss)

In the interests of full disclosure, I am two days into this eating plan and haven’t managed it once!

Anyway…Berkeley, I am coming for you.

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  1. Bean says:

    Oh carbs how I love thee. I am excited for your 10K! I bet you will kill it. Sounds like a good training plan to me. I am trying some new fitness classes too and man all they do is remind me how I am really only in running shape. Everything else seems so difficult/ I am a big whinny baby.:)

    1. Cathryn says:

      I know kickboxing is going to kill me! You’re right about only being in running shape. It gives us great endurance but other exercise is still so tough.

  2. Woo! I am thinking about training for a shorter race after this marathon thing is over. I read Emily’s post with great interest, too. However…I think it only makes sense for people training for long distances because for races under an hour, you can store enough carbs to burn, no problem, right?

    1. Cathryn says:

      Yes, totally. I agree that the eating plan sounds like it’s best for ultra/distance runners and that my 2-hour long run doesn’t count as that 🙂 But it might give me some structure and discipline as to when and how many carbs I eat and I wonder if the basic premise behind it would work for non-ultra runners. We’ll see, eh?? Good luck at NYC, you must be so excited.

  3. Juli Bronzini says:

    I’m interested in your yoga class- when and where? I haven’t done yoga since pregnant with Gregg and miss it! Maybe I’ll join you one night(: Carb loading at night sounds interesting. I agree with the comment above (sorry- don’t know your name!) that it makes sense for people who are consistently running and training for major distance during the week. Otherwise, do you just go to bed full of carbs and maybe not burning them off like you would during the day? No idea. I do like the idea of structure though because I love carbs and eat them all day long! You’re going to kill it at Berkeley regardless(: I’ll probably be on the side of the road eating carbs(:

    1. Cathryn says:

      I’ll drop you a note ref yoga! And yes, about the burning off carbs. It does seem to make more sense to have a massive carby breakfast (yes please) and then burn them off. I’m intrigued by the whole idea.

  4. I love that i heart sweat shirt! Where did you get it? And yoga is my main (read: only) strength training these days. But it feels better than any other strength training I can think of!

  5. Cathryn says:

    I got it from Ali on the Run blog…she had a couple of batches made. She only has one colour option left but it’s cute 😉
    Mine is a small, I’m 5’1 and roughly 117lbs with a small chest. I believe we’re about the same size (well, we look it_ so the small would fit you really nicely.

  6. Jen says:

    If I can manage a 52:51 10K, you can definitely break 52:30!! Go Cathryn go!

  7. I like having a goal and a plan, too. The miles you have planned for your 10K sound great. Have fun training for your next race!

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