One step at a time…

My in-laws left on Wednesday, heading back to the UK! So tomorrow (Sunday) marks the official end of my Running Lull. I’ll be running a 5k in nearby San Mateo in the morning, probably pushing the Dude unless I spot someone I know in the crowd and can persuade them to watch him for 26 minutes (hopefully). I’ll also be there to support four friends of mine who have completed a Couch-to-5k programme, I am SO excited to see their ‘Lap of Honour’ at the end of this!

But first, a quick little lesson that I learned this week.

Before the in-laws left, we took them up Mount Tamalpais. We drove to the top (the road is incredible) and then hiked up the rocky trail to the top. It took my Mother-in-Law and her walking stick a long time to get up and down but she was amazing. Never complained, never hit me for suggesting it, just kept going one step at a time. I was very very proud of her and she was rewarded with a fabulous view! There’s a lesson in there for us runners.

One step at a time!

One step at a time!

The reward

The reward

On Friday, I met Juli and one of her kids for a trail run in Wunderlich park, whilst our older kids were in pre-school. We are both out of shape since Half Moon Bay (HOW MUCH FITNESS CAN WE LOSE IN THREE WEEKS? SERIOUSLY!) but we slogged up the hills one step at a time and once again were rewarded with the most amazing views at the top. We both came away with happy hearts, ready to get training again.

One step at a time...

One step at a time…

The reward!

The reward!

And today, Saturday, we headed over to Half Moon Bay for their pumpkin festival. Nothing to do with running but a shameless excuse to share one of my favourite photos of the Dude and his buddy.

Pumpkin-head astronauts

Pumpkin-head astronauts

Have a great run today…one step at a time, keep going…fabulous views at the end.  🙂

About Cathryn

I'm from Wiltshire, a beautiful rural county in the south of England. My husband, son and I moved to California in August 2010 with my husband's job, whilst I stay at home with The Dude, our gorgeous five year old son. I love running and cycling. I'm a Christian. I am finally learning to cook (about time too). I'm loving exploring this new part of the world and meeting its wonderful people.
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