Big Sur in October

My in-laws arrived from the UK last week – they’re here for two weeks. They earned themselves ENORMOUS Christmas presents by twice saying ‘We’d like an easy morning, why don’t we watch the Dude and you go for a run?’. Pretty great in-law behaviour 😉

Found a new trail near my house along the levee!
Found a new trail near my house along the levee!

Last night, we got back from a mini-trip along the Big Sur Coast. Two nights, three days. It was beautiful. We started in Santa Cruz, where the Husband and the Brother-In-Law  did a sky-dive in the morning. I thought about it fleetingly and whilst there is definitely a part of me that fancies it, I am frankly just too chicken! But the boys were not chicken and they jumped out of a plane and landed, grinning like crazy people! So proud of them (and so relieved, the Husband hasn’t signed his will yet).

The Husband and the BIL HIGH on adrenaline, post-jump!
The Husband and Brother-in-Law, HIGH on adrenaline, post-jump!

The next morning,I snuck in a lovely run in Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is a sea-side resort with a famous boardwalk. (For UK readers, it’s like Skegness crossed with LA. Most bizarre.) I headed out along West Cliff Road, which winds its way along the cliffs,  and although the skies were grey,  the views were still lovely.  I’m taking running easy at the moment whilst the visitors are here, so it was a really nice, sight-seeing run! A great start to the day. 6.6 miles in 59 mins at an 8.58 pace.

Good Morning, Santa Cruz
The Surfing Museum in the teeny, tiny lighthouse!

Afterwards, we piled in the car (we rented the most enormous Chevy Tahoe which is almost as big as our house) and drove down the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway, stopping for lunch at Nepenthe which was stunning!!!

The views at Nepenthe were stunning.
Photos will never do them justice!

We spent the next night in Cambria, a quaint little town filled with wealthy, healthy senior citizens! And once again, I snuck in a morning run! Our hotel was on a hill, so I descended 259 steps on a trail through the woods, (I’d been assured it was safe and there was a very well-preserved elderly lady walking down behind me), through the village and out to Moonstone Beach where there is a long boardwalk along the coast. It was cold and blustery but beautiful in a wild kind of way! And then I had the 259 steps back to the hotel at the end.  6 miles in total! Double portions at the hotel breakfast buffet!

Boardwalk running on a blustery morning
Freaky scarecrows at the Cambria Scarecrow Festival
259 steps back up to the hotel
259 steps back up to the hotel

On Wednesday, we visited Hearst Castle, which is beautiful in a crazy kind of way, before heading home that evening. What a great little road-trip!

A touch of Europe in the middle of California!
A touch of Europe in the middle of California!

It’s nice to be home though. The cat is glad we’re home!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Juli Bronzini says:

    Nepenthe(: The last time I was there I told Nick, “The next time I get married, I want it to be here!” He was slightly offended (as he should be) but it really is a magical spot! Glad you all had fun!

    1. Cathryn says:

      You could always marry him again – I’d marry the Husband again at Nepenthe in a heartbeat!! It was beautiful!

  2. Bean says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time. Sky-diving whoa! That is crazy! Looks like they enjoyed it!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Don’t think they will do it again though 😉

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