This Week! Sept 6th.

Firstly, a brief recap of the week’s running. It looked like this:

Sunday: 9 hilly miles in Coloma

Tuesday: 3 flat, easy miles at home.

Good morning, Bay Area!
Good morning, Bay Area!

Wednesday: 12.2 HILL-TASTIC miles

Wednesday saw the Dude return to pre-school and me return to my mid-week long runs. I ran my usual pre-school 12 mile route but after two months away, the hills kicked my bum. It is CONSTANTLY up or down…of the 12 miles, only 2 were anything like flat. As such, it was hard to get into any kind of rythmn. My climbing grew steadily slower, my descending grew more tired. It was also properly hot! All in all, a tough run. 12.2 miles in 2.06 at at 10.21, and I was really happy with it! And then I drank all the water.

Nice to get back to my one mile of urban trail!
Nice to get back to my one mile of urban trail!

Thursday: Yoga for Runners youtube DVD.  Yeah, I’m still rubbish at Yoga.

Onto eating!

I haven’t put any recipes up on here for a long time – whilst some of the recipes I’ve posted are CRACKING (flapjack, mushroom burger, crumble particularly), I’m not an amazing cook so I decided to leave the recipes to people who are. But recently I’ve discovered the Wholefoods recipe section and wanted to flag a couple of corkers! Everything I’ve made on this site has been good so far!

1) Kale Waldorf salad. Because everyone should eat more kale and this makes it a pleasure!

2) Smokey split pea soup. Because Winter Is Coming!

3) Zucchini/Courgette and Feta pie. If you don’t make your own pastry, be careful to pick up a savoury pre-made crust and not a sweetened one. Not that I did, or anything.

Next week is race week…the Point Pinole Half with Jen. I want to see how my legs feel in preparation for Half Moon Bay on the 29th. Excited about racing again!

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  1. Bean says:

    Yay racing! And great week. The heat can really take it out of you but you killed that mid week long run!

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