Too cool for Cool!

This weekend was our final camping weekend of the year, back at Coloma, near Placerville, where we have a now annual camping/rafting trip with a bunch of friends. I don’t raft, I’m not a strong swimmer and I like being alive, so I looked after the Dude, two dogs and a heavily pregnant friend!

The wonderful Stella
The wonderful Stella

Coloma is not far from the enormous Rim Fire, currently ravaging Yosemite and the area up there. I’d heard that the air quality in the area wasn’t great, so didn’t know if I’d get to run or not. So I got in a decent amount of training during the week last week and had the mindset that we’d see what happened. In the end, the air quality wasn’t bad at all, so on Sunday morning, I headed out for a run with Tim, one of camping group. I didn’t know him well but he proved to be a fantastic running buddy. We did a couple of miles on the road (dodging a dead skunk which STANK) and then headed up into the hills on the Monroe Trail behind Marshall State Park, the gold-rush era township in Coloma. I’m gutted I didn’t take my camera because although the hill was tough enough to make me walk a few times, the view at the top of the valley and the river winding through it was just breathtaking! A real proposal spot, as Tim pointed out. Girls, if you’re free…he’s really nice and a great running buddy. All in all, we managed about 9 miles in 1.23 at 9.15 pace…although we stopped our watches when walking so the true time/pace was a little slower!

This photo doesn’t do it justice at all…but it gives a hint.

The best online photo I could find. Source
The best online photo I could find.

What else did we do?? We picked apples in Apple Hill, we hit the Farmers Market in Placerville, we dipped our toes in the river at Lotus, we did beer and wine tasting at Gold Hill. And on Sunday, my friend Sue, the Dude and I went on a mini-road-trip to places which had great names. First up…Cool, California. Seriously, a town named Cool. Alas it was anything but…and it turned out we were too cool for Cool so we drove on. Next up, Auburn where we delightedly spotted one girl with red hair and ate amazing food at the Little Belgium Deli and Beer Bar!

Apple Picking
Harvest is looking good!
Wine tasting at Gold Hill
Amazing food in Auburn!
Avocado, topped with cream cheese, wasabi, srirachi and crushed almonds and jalapeños!

On Monday morning, the Husband and I lay snuggled in bed listening to the very rare sound of rain on our tent. Less romantic was having to pack up a thoroughly wet tent. Oh well…it was a fantastic end to our summer of camping!

Wet campsite...
Wet campsite…

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! I’ve only heard of Cool before because there’s an ultra race there called the Way Too Cool (haha).

    1. Cathryn says:

      I know!! I’ve been reading recaps all week, I REALLY want to do it. If I’ve retired from marathons, do you think I could skip straight to an ultra? 🙂 Only half kidding. You should run it for me and I’ll come and crew for you.

  2. henatayeb says:

    Whoa.. that sounds like one spicy treat.

    1. Cathryn says:

      It was quite spicy, but seriously delish. I’m going to be trying it.

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