This week!

It’s Friday, it’s Labor Day (like a Bank Holiday) and we’re off to the foothills for one final camping trip this year. The Husband and his friends are going rafting – I’m a bit of a chicken around water so I nobly volunteered to look after the Dude! And in exchange, I get to run the next day 🙂


This week went down like this:

Saturday: 12 fantastic trail miles with JenMy legs ached for days afterwards!

Trails Huddart

Sunday: 30-min Yoga for Runners video at which I quite liked but was hilariously awful, and a 10 minute Stretching for Runners video which I really liked!

Monday: 4.7 mile stroller run round my town, helping the Dude deliver the ‘artwork’ he’d spent the afternoon creating. 4.7 miles in 47 mins at 9:56 pace.

Wednesday: 6 mile tempo run – the first one I’ve been happy with for a long time.          2 x (1m normal, 2m faster). Had to stop after the first set to catch my breath and everything ached at the end, but I was really happy with the run! 6 miles in 52.03 at 8.40 pace.

Friday: 6 mile

Really couldn’t decide whether to make this some kind of tempo run or just a normal run so I kind of mish-mashed it together and it went fine. It was a muggy morning so I ended up running in just my sports bra. SOOOOOO cool – but slightly self-conscious! 6 miles in 52.50 at 8.48 pace.

Good morning, California!

Good morning, California!

In other news, I signed up for the Point Pinole Half with Jen on Sept 14th. It’ll be a tune-up run for Half Moon Bay two weeks later.

That’s it…we’re off to the foothills. Wish us luck – the Bay Bridge is closed and the drive is going to be HORRIFIC! And the air quality up there could be very bad due to the rim fire. It’s going to be interesting.

About Cathryn

I'm from Wiltshire, a beautiful rural county in the south of England. My husband, son and I moved to California in August 2010 with my husband's job, whilst I stay at home with The Dude, our gorgeous five year old son. I love running and cycling. I'm a Christian. I am finally learning to cook (about time too). I'm loving exploring this new part of the world and meeting its wonderful people.
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4 Responses to This week!

  1. Jen says:

    You’re probably on your way, but have a great weekend! Enjoy the camping. 🙂

  2. Angela says:

    Totally jealous of all the camping you’re doing lately — hope you had a fun trip!

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