A Girl’s Guide to Running Magazines, Part 2: Running Times

A bit of background:

I’m working my way through some of the running magazines on sale here,  and seeing what I make of them!

For Part One, Women’s Running…click here.

Running Times

Magazine Running Times

General info:

  • Easily found at Barnes and Noble under ‘Sports’.
  • Cover price – $5.99
  • Issues reviewed here: June and August 2013.
  • Pagination – June – 80, August – 68
  • Advertising Pagination – June – 30.3 pages (37.5%)   August – 17.5 pages (25%)
  • Annual subscription price: 10 issues – $15 ( about 10 GBP)

What did I like about it?

  • Well what a dramatic contrast from last week. This magazine is REALLY well written. There are plenty of articles in great depth and a LOT of knowledge. I learned SO much reading it.
  • The June issue had some very pertinent articles for me personally about road runners switching to trail and how to prepare your body for the different challenges. Great timing, thank you!
  • I loved the gender equality here. Plenty of articles about both men and women’s running and no sense that they were ticking a ‘women’ box! Both genders treated equally. I also loved the Masters section for older runners.
  • Good shoe reviews.
Dense, content-heavy pages. No fluff!
Dense, content-heavy pages. No fluff!

What was I not so keen on?

  • There is a lot here about track running and this doesn’t interest me at all. However there were also good interviews with track runners which DID interest me for what I learned.
  • Not that much road-running content. Lots of track, a fair amount of trail but very little road. Most of us pound the pavements the majority of the time, I found this odd.
  • I did find the magazine a little intimidating. I am very much a hobby-jogger and I kind of felt I didn’t belong with this magazine, particularly in the track parts. I can imagine newer runners would be put off by the ‘heavy’ content and the implication that all readers are speedy track runners or gnarly ultra runners.
  • The advertising % of total pages in June was higher than Women’s Running. However the depth of content and the fact that they had several multi-spread articles stopped the magazine feeling so ad-heavy.
  • Again, this magazine was quite light on pages – but it packed those pages full of content! It didn’t feel flimsy.
  • Overall thoughts
  • I REALLY liked this magazine, despite it really being way beyond my running expertise. I learned a lot. This is great value for money.
  • This magazine is clearly aimed at ‘real runners’ – much as I hate the term. Those who are addicted, relatively experienced, keen to develop and are REALLY into it!
  • I’d love to read more of their clothing and shoe reviews – I’d have a lot of confidence in their recommendations.
  • I’m definitely going to read this again and, dependent on how I get on with future issues, I may well subscribe. I liked it lots!

Next up: Trailrunner Magazine

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Bean says:

    I love running times too. Feel super awkward reading it in public because I also feel it is for ‘real runners’ but oh well. I have a subscription to Runner’s World and Running Times. If I had to pick just one (the horror) I would go with running times I think.

    1. Cathryn says:

      I was surprised how much I liked it, bearing in mind how intimidating it is! I’m tempted to subscribe too – maybe a Christmas present.

  2. Jen says:

    Do you have a sense of how much more info is in the print version versus online? I tend to browse their website every so often…

    1. Cathryn says:

      On quick glance, I’d say a fair proportion – which isn’t scientific, I know.

  3. OK, I’ve never read an issue of Running Times, but now I want to. And I haven’t read your review of Women’s Running yet, but I really dislike that magazine. It’s like the Shape of running magazines. I get a lot more out of reading running blogs that reading Women’s Running. And they’re free!

    1. Cathryn says:

      You’d love RT…I was hugely impressed with it. I just wish it had more/any road running coverage in it. It’s all track or trail.

  4. Dan D says:

    I’ve got it occaionally, it’s the best of US ones I see

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