A week in my shoes…July 26th

It’s been a relatively quiet week, this week…which is nice! And today is only 14 sleeps away from my darling parents landing in California – haven’t seen them since February so I am DYING WITH EXCITEMENT ALREADY!!

Landing at an airport near me in 14 sleeps!
Landing at an airport near me in 14 sleeps!

A quick recap of running this week…

Saturday: 5 mile trail run with the Husband.

But you knew about that! 

Hey, random hiker! Take our photo :)
Hey, random hiker! Take our photo 🙂

Tuesday: 6 mile Tempo Run

Up early and churned out six miles alternating normal/fast miles. Once again, a bit disappointed by my time of 53 mins at 8.56. A few weeks ago, I was doing this in 50 mins! A few weeks I ran 13.1 miles faster than today’s pace. Oh how quickly I lose fitness. Darn you, dodgy heart! But at the same time, it’s faster than last week’s tempo run and I genuinely feel like I ran hard! Speed will come back, won’t it??

Wednesday: 3 easy miles

I’ve been meaning to do ‘easy runs’ for ages now and can never motivate myself to get out the door. But today I managed it and the morning was beautiful!

Thursday: Long run of 12 miles

Once again, we’re camping this weekend. (I got a bit slapdash earlier in the year – whenever anyone said ‘Hey, come camping’, I just said ‘yes’ without checking my diary) and although I’m hoping to get at least one run in, I wanted to get my long run done. So the Husband got home early, I was out the door at 6.30pm again and off to run long.

I really enjoyed it. I’m getting to love evening long runs, although it’s getting dark by the time I get home so I can see the weeks are limited. I threw in a couple of random faster miles and tried not to dawdle throughout the run and was really happy with 12.1 miles in 1.49.12 at 9.01 pace. That’s more like it!!!

In other news:

…I was excited to see my new running skirt (the Moving Comfort Sprint skirt) in Runners World this month. Clearly I am cutting edge! (I added bodyglide for its second outing and no chafing, yay)!

…I made these zucchini/courgette chocolate-chip cookies yesterday and they were FANTASTIC! Honestly!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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  1. Bean says:

    Great week! That is a very cute skirt. I bet your parents are just as excited to visit you! I hope you all have a great time together!

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