A night in the forest!

First of all…did you hear?? A Brit won the Tour de France…again!! SO much excitement  here!!!

Anyway. Wednesday was the Husband’s birthday. So on Friday night, we headed off towards the coast to Sam McDonald State Park and its wonderful Hikers Hut. We first saw the hut only a few months after our arrival in California, when we were hiking and we’ve meant to stay here ever since. In the end, it was only available on the Friday night, not the Saturday night which was a shame but we seized the opportunity.

Our cabin in the woods
Our cabin in the woods

We got there on Friday night and faced the 1.5 mile uphill hike to the hut, carrying all our requirements in the stroller and on our backs. We met a bunch of friends there and settled in for the night, eating sausage sandwiches and kale salad!

A LOT to carry on the hike to the cabin
Snuggling down for the night

On Saturday morning, our friends very sweetly offered to watch the Dude so the Husband and I snuck out for an early trail run. It WAS early and we were in the deep forest, so we were both a little edgy for mountain lions. We sang loudly at regular intervals to warn of our approach, and every time there was a rustle in the trees, we jumped miles, but only saw deer and a banana slug in the end. The run was beautiful – roughly 5 miles down fire roads and along single track through ancient, gorgeous Redwoods, ending in a brutal mile-long climb back to the cabin. The only thing that got us up there was the thought of breakfast at the top!!

The Husband’s second trail run – he’s getting addicted too!
BIG trees – quite breath taking!
Heading into the forest
PS…added bodyglide, no chafing! Yippee

It was only a short trip but really lovely – we felt so very detached from the rest of the world. Britain is a small, crowded island – it felt very special to be sleeping deep in the forest, far away from everyone and everything.

Gratuitous fog shot - it was stunning up there on Friday night.
Gratuitous fog shot – it was stunning up there on Friday night.

Total miles: July 15th – 21st …24 miles

And in other scenes this weekend, the Husband finally cashed in his Christmas present and had a flying lesson! The tiniest plane I’ve ever seen in my life…but it was amazing and we’re still here to tell the tale.

Check out the Dude’s t-shirt
‘Daddy’s Wingman’. Cue Top Gun music.
Pilot Will: ‘The beautiful city of Oakland’,
Lake Merritt. This one’s for you, Jen!

Welcome to another week, everyone!!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    The hut and trail run look amazing! And thanks for the photo of Lake Merritt. Too bad you can’t see me waving. 😉

  2. Alla says:

    photos are magical!

  3. So cool you two are running trails together! And that cabin looks amazingly cozy and fun. So perfect for a family vacation!

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