A week in my shoes…July 19th

So many random things to mention this week. We’ll start with the running.

Saturday: 10 rough miles.

With a dramatic MRP (mid-run poo).  Come on, we all do it, don’t we?

Sunday: 2 unexpected trail miles.

Chasing down a three-year old trail runner.

Spot the Dude...
Spot the Dude…

Tuesday: 6 miles, speed work

An early 6 miles alternating normal/faster miles. I felt like I put in the same effort as I did last week but somehow I was slow this week for speedwork. 6 miles in 53.58 at 8.58 pace. Hardly awesome. No idea what happened. Oh well.

Wednesday: The Husband’s birthday!

Yep, another year rolls round for my lovely husband. We celebrated with sushi and ‘cake’. Last year’s Poo Poo Cake turned into the single biggest Google driver to my blog. This year, the Husband has lost 30 lbs and is getting fit, so I ditched the ganache and went for something healthier. Beautiful, isn’t it!!

Got the idea here
Got the idea here

Thursday: Long run

We have surprise birthday plans this weekend (plans I can’t divulge in case of the unlikely event of the Husband reading my blog). The plans include running but not 12 miles of it, so I got my long run in early. The minute the Husband got home from work, I was out the door, with the ghosts of two bad runs snapping at my heels.

It was a FANTASTIC run. Loved every minute. I was plugged in to the Marathon Talk podcast (thanks so much Jen for the recommendation, it was great), the weather was perfect, my legs felt strong and I just cruised round loving every second of the run. It was practically dark when I got home, with 12.8 miles under my belt in 1.57.58 at 9.12 pace. I’m really surprised it wasn’t faster as it felt so good, but really not bothered. It was the confidence booster I needed!

In other news:

My first running skirt

When we visited the San Francisco Running Company the other week, they had Moving Comfort skirts on sale. I have never really paid attention to Moving Comfort, assuming they only did their famous running bras for girls with actual boobs. I LOVED the skirt on their sale racks but they only had large. One click later and this little number appeared in my post box.

Cute little skirt – nice bit of ruching at the side!

I wore it for my 6 miler with minimal chafing, which I only discovered in the shower. I  will wear it this weekend with body glide! I opted not to risk it for my long run. Tell you what though, I LOVE the way it looks!!

Somewhat crrrraaazzzzzy shorts underneath!

1000 miles in 2013

One of my unofficial NY Resolutions was to run 1,000 miles this year. I thought at the end of June that I was on track but somehow my rubbish maths skills let me down and I am well behind. To meet my goal, I need to run an average of 25 miles per week for EVERY remaining week of 2013. That’s tough. This goal comes a LONG way behind my other running goals – being healthy, racing my races, enjoying my running. But if I can do it, I’d like to! Let’s see what happens.

I signed up for a race

I’m doing the 5k at the San Mateo Rotary run in October. I’m running it primarily to support a friend who has started a significant weight loss journey. I’m not sure yet whether he’ll want me to run with him or leave him to slog away in peace. We’ll see nearer the time, but I am SO very excited for him, and me. There’s a free kids’ race…the Dude is already super-excited.


If you haven’t watched ‘Luther’, you need to do so. I’m talking to you Americans. It’s a British cop drama and it’s utterly brilliant. I’ll be honest, it’s also utterly terrifying and I ONLY watch it because I have an enormous crush on Idris Elba, the star. But it’s brilliant TV and it’s on Netflix. Watch it this weekend, assuming you have someone else in the house, the doors are locked and the cat is IN for the night!

All credit for this glorious photo is due here...
All credit for this glorious photo is due here...

And that’s it – Happy Weekend, everyone! Allez Froome – bring the Tour de France home to the UK for the second year running, please!!!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Angela says:

    Cute skirt!! I have a few, but ironically I never wear them for running. Also, that cake looks DELICIOUS.

    1. Cathryn says:

      I always forget I like watermelon more than cake – the cake looks so good, it makes me forget!! This was fab. And the skirt is lovely, I adore it!

  2. Jen says:

    Glad you got some good runs this week after that adventure last Saturday! I agree with Angela – super cute running skirt. Hope the chafing issue gets resolved with some body glide!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Yep!! Bodyglide did the trick!

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