A week in my shoes…July 5th


It’s been a lovely week!

Saturday: 5 miles in Wine Country on our camping trip.

And then, on Monday morning, the Dude and I headed up to Pinecrest in the foothills of the Sierras to join one of our friends. She and her Husband had a week’s camping booked, but he unexpectedly had to work a few days, so we went to keep them company! It was fab. I was full of good intentions to run (and the countryside up there is INCREDIBLE!). But it never happened! Next time we go there, I’m definitely running!

Pinecrest! Pretty beautiful!
Pinecrest! Pretty beautiful!

Thursday: 4 stroller trail miles

Thursday (as you know) was July 4th. Now let me tell you, nothing is weirder than being a Brit in America on Independence Day! Everyone’s all patriotic, celebrating America’s freedom from the dastardly British…and we’re feeling slightly sheepish and apologetic! But America – Happy Birthday, we love you!

How best to celebrate a birthday but with a trail run? Juli and I roped in all our family for today’s run – children AND husbands – and we headed to Wunderlich. I REALLY like this park – the trails are wide and shady. We climbed for 2.2 miles and it was murderous. The Husband and I shared pushing duty for the Dude but Juli’s husband pushed the double stroller for most of the uphill, which was very noble!! We were all pouring sweat, I ended up in my running bra, modesty be damned! But we got to the top and the world opened out in front of us and the view was incredible! Instantly the sweat and tears were worth it and the endorphins kicked in. Trail running is a little like birth in that respect.

Juli and her crew
Me and my gang!

The downhill was long, shady and fabulous. The Dude and his Buddy Gurl shrieked and squealed the whole way down! At the end, they got to run half a mile and they were brilliant. A guy came running past us and the two children took him on and ran so fast that I think he started to worry he’d be beaten by pre-schoolers. All in all, 4.4 miles in all and it was SO nice to run altogether!

Friday: 6.4 miles 

 My miles have been low recently and I wanted to get a solid six in. The run felt really hard actually – I spent the whole time thinking about how much fitness I’ve lost since the half marathon and focussing my mind on pushing on, just like I had in the race. I was gobsmacked to get back, input my time and distance and realise I’d run 6.4 miles in 55.08 at an 8.35 pace. Seriously delighted by that!  Cracking end to the running week!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ha, I love your description of being British in the states on July 4th. Oddly, I never think about the British on July 4th. Mainly I focus on hamburgers and watermelon and how to get more of them.:) And you totally rocked the sports bra. I just bought a mesh tank in hopes that I won’t have to blind the world with my white abdomen. It hasn’t seen the sun in years. Mesh tanks are just the gateway shirts to wearing only a sports bra. So there’s that.

    1. Cathryn says:

      No-one has ever said anything to us about being British, it’s just a bit odd if you think about it! Hope you like the mesh tank – I couldn’t believe the difference in temperature from getting my belly out! I’m not sure I’d feel confident doing it ‘in public’ though so I’ve resolved to see what I can do about tightening up that baby belly that still haunts me!!

  2. Bean says:

    I am with Yo Momma- 4th of July has become more fireworks and BBQ than yeah freedom from the British but your comment made me crack up. I would say my obsession with the royals pretty much should qualify me as an honorary Brit at the very least.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Ha! Yes, you can qualify 😉

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