Racing Plans for the Second Half of the Year

Back in December, I drafted a list of races I wanted to run in 2013. I knew I wouldn’t run all of them but it was a skeleton plan for me to tweak as the year went on. I’ve run several of those races and it’s been a fantastic first six months running in 2013!  I’m so grateful! These are my plans for the second half, as much as I can plan.


No races.


My first trail half-marathon, the Crystal Springs Half in Huddart Park. For fun, no time       expectations at all! Best of all, my parents will be at the finish line! Already beside myself with excitement about this race.

Ready to run 13.1 miles of redwood bliss!


1) Dependent on  plans with visiting family, the Point Pinole Half Marathon as a last long training run.

2)  Half Moon Bay Half-Marathon. This is going to be awesome because the Husband is running it, my friend Juli is running it and two other friends  are doing it too. In addition, Bean is being very brave and coming to stay with a total stranger from the internet (ie: me) and is running the full marathon. So 29th September is circled three times on my calendar. Dependent on training, I might have a stab at 1.52 🙂

Part of the course.
Part of the course.


I’m planning a four-day bike tour somewhere not cold 😉

It's been a long time since there were panniers on my bike!
It’s been a long time since there were panniers on my bike!


The 10k at the inaugural Berkeley Half, going for a PR. I actually don’t know my 10k PR. It was something like 58 mins and I ran 10ks before I started Marathon training, so back in the Dark Ages before my 8 year break from running. I ran a 10k in Dec 2010 in 1.06 so am confident I can beat that!!

And of course, the traditional Ramsden Turkey Trot. If you’re local…join us!


A 5k, going for PR. Not sure what that will be yet.

Anyone doing any of these? Anything I should be signing up for? Can’t wait – really excited about it.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    I’m running the Point Pinole half, but you already knew that. And I’ll go cheer you on in Berkeley (as long as I’m in the country – might be Taiwan visiting family)!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I’ll happily be your second-best option if Taiwan falls through. And yay for Pinole 😉

  2. Cheryl says:

    I’m running the Berkeley half! And if you feel like a fun run (not really a “race”) in late October, check out the Hella-Ween 5-miler that the Oakland Marathon peeps put on. Mostly because COSTUMES!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Fab – looks like a few of us are turning out for Berkeley…say hi on the day if you see me! The costume run also sounds fun and Oakland was so well organized!

  3. I need to do this! Make the list of races I will run so I quit wondering what is next. Off to do this now! Thanks for the inspiration/motivation.

    1. Cathryn says:

      That’s made my day! Go, do it!!! Have a glass of wine and get out your credit card 🙂

  4. Bean says:

    Well September is looking mighty fine! :). I mean the other months look good but September looks the best. And you are the brave one and super nice one by letting me come stay with you. Thank you for just being so awesome!

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