Big cheesy grin.

Will post more tomorrow. Can’t stop eating.

Today was a Warrior day!

Today was a Warrior day!

Thank you all for your support!

About Cathryn

I'm from Wiltshire, a beautiful rural county in the south of England. My husband, son and I moved to California in August 2010 with my husband's job, whilst I stay at home with The Dude, our gorgeous five year old son. I love running and cycling. I'm a Christian. I am finally learning to cook (about time too). I'm loving exploring this new part of the world and meeting its wonderful people.
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10 Responses to 1.53.57

  1. Awesome job!!! Can’t wait to hear.

  2. Jen says:

    An amazing performance! So happy for you! Bask in the glory of it, Warrior Cathryn. 🙂

  3. bt says:

    Congrats!!!! So Cool! Well done.

  4. You are so fantastic! You did it! Congrats!

  5. aleksruns says:

    Yay congrats! Can’t wait to read about it!

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