Weddings, laughter and running

It was a lovely weekend. A real cracker of one!

Friday! Wedding Day!

On Friday, we went to the wedding of two British friends who tied the knot at City Hall in San Francisco. I love weddings!

The lovely bride and her British friends in CA
Me and the fabulous Laura – she’ll be running SF with me in two weeks!


Run Day! Hike Day! Laughter Day!

Let’s talk running first.  Too much food, two glasses of wine, too little sleep and some hot temperatures at 7am. Not much fun. I nearly bailed about three times on this run, but SF is too close for bailing, so I plodded on. It struck me that I’m a bit fed up with two hour runs. I know plenty of people run much further than I do…but I’ve had enough of them for a while. So I got home, reworked my training schedule until SF on June 16th and then, after that, I’m having a whole week off! Already feeling better! But anyway…12.5 miles in 1.55.04 at a 9.12 pace. Respectable but not going to get me a PR! Hrmph!

So to celebrate my tired legs, we went hiking in Wunderlich Park. It  is GORGEOUS…wide, shady trails that cry out for stroller trail running!! And two special moments. The first was stumbling across an unexpected Redwood Grove that was unbelievably peaceful and beautiful. I’ve heard Redwood groves described as being like cathedrals – today I totally understood that idea. And the second was startling a young stag and us all standing still, eyes locked, for a few moments. Magical!

Lovely wide trails at Wunderlich
Lovely Redwoods at Wunderlich
A beautiful young stag at Wunderlich

And then…a friend’s birthday night in the city. Dinner and Comedy Club. I got home at 1am. Shattered but awesome!

And to finish…totally gratuitiously and nothing to do with running…may I present my son in his wedding attire.

I know.

Thanks for indulging me with that one 😉

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I came to the same running conclusion this weekend. Running for a million miles in the heat and humidity is kind of the worst. So I decided to take a couple of weeks off, minus a few fun runs here and there. It feels like a superb decision to my feet! And little boys in bowties are the cutest ever!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Aren’t they!!! Glad I’m not the only one who needs a mini-break…I don’t have the humidity as an excuse though. Thinking of focussing on 10k for a while for a change.

  2. Bean says:

    You all look so wonderful in your wedding attire! All your pictures of the glorious trails make me super excited to trail run with you this fall! Even if it is just one easy day- going to be totally awesome! And yes running for multiple hours when it doesn’t result in a medal and post race party just seems like torture:(.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Yeah, I was thinking Wunderlich for our easy trail run – gradients aren’t too bad, it’s shady…we can take it easy!!! Flights booked??

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