Running Lake Chabot

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments about our AMR video! Looks like you’d all pick us for your team, which warms my heart 🙂

You may remember that in February I was supposed to run my first Trail Half Marathon at Lake Chabot in the East Bay but those pesky shin splints caused me to cancel. It was a wise move, but ever since, I’ve had this lingering curiosity about Lake Chabot. What’s it like? Would I have loved it? Is it pretty? So when Jen offered to run with me there, I grabbed the opportunity…and on Saturday, the big run took place!

Firstly…how to pronounce it? I assumed it would be an American ‘Cha-Bot). But apparently no, it’s a foxy little French-style ‘Sha-bo’. Oooh la la. Now we know, Lake Chabot.

I met Jen at the Marina there, at 8am on Saturday. It was overcast and a little chilly. I was totally unprepared and wore shorts and a tank top/vest top. In the end, it was perfect weather and I wasn’t chilly at all. The pink Rogas are fab, I am officially a fan of the Long Rogas. No chafing, they look good and I do get a bit of a kick out of them being pink!

The lovely Jen
The lovely Jen

Jen took me on a great route round. Seriously lovely.  The photos I’m going to post don’t do it justice at all – and I didn’t get photos of the really pretty bits because I was busy running them! We wound round the lake on a paved trail for a few miles and then veered off into the woods on single-track. What then followed was a good few miles of utterly beautiful single-track through Eucalytus groves, woodland, across dry river beds.There is something SO nice about running trails, I’m discovering. They soothe the soul in a way running roads can never do! We fell into a steady pace…running along comfortably, talking all the time. It was just blissful. We came out of the woods, had a short ‘diversion’ past a golf course and then back on track along sandy trails and then paved trails again back to the start point. It was relatively hilly but when we fancied, we walked the hills and saved our legs for the nice bits.

Lake Chabot
Lake Chabot
Single track through the woods
Single track through the woods
Near the end!
Near the end!

Back at the start point, we celebrated with cupcakes that Jen had brought in a cooler in her car! I pick excellent running buddies!

Happy Birthday to Jen's boyfriend!
Every good run deserves cake

All in all, 11.4 miles in 2.18 at a 12.06 pace! But what the stats don’t say is how much fun it was! Just what I needed!

Later that day, the Husband and I cycled a 14-mile round-trip to a park, towing the Dude in his trailer. Suffice to say, we were asleep by 9.30!

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    SO much fun! Can’t wait to explore some more trails together in your neck of the woods!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I’ll email you some prospective dates!

  2. Bean says:

    So beautiful! Nice job on the trails! The pink rogas look amazing!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thanks. They look great from the front. My husband took a couple of snaps from behind when I was hiking over the weekend…and they may not be super flattering on my bottom. But whatever. I run alone mainly, no-one has to run behind me!

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