A week in my shoes – 19th April

What a week!!! In all the sadness, it’s been an amazing, heart-warming week to be a runner. I’ve never felt so lucky to be a runner as this week.

Sunday: 10 miles ‘interval/fartlet’ style long run.

But you knew about that.

And then there was Monday.

Tuesday: 10 miles hilly run.

Usually, before any long run, there’s a little procrastination on my part. I want to run – actually, I want to have been running. To have done it. The getting-out-the-house is always hard. But not today. With my head full of Boston, it was all I could think about doing.  It was the obvious way to be part of the community of runners who grieved today. So I ran my usual hilly pre-school route, smiling at the one other runner who I passed and smiling again at a lady walking past wearing blue and yellow sportswear. Not many people may have understood her code but I did and it warmed my heart. The run was hard but I just ran and ran and ran and didn’t moan. I ran for those who died and those who were maimed and for those who risked their lives to help others. Like every other runner in America, and across the world, I ran for Boston today. 10.1 miles in 1.42 at a 10.03 pace.

One and a half runners in Boston colours

Thursday: 6 miles tempo runSeriously rubbish 3 miles

Last night we had a friend for dinner and I had two glasses of wine. Wine makes me feel so sluggish. I nearly didn’t run this morning – I seriously nearly didn’t – but I got outside and staggered three uninspired, slow miles. 3.7 miles in 34 mins at a surprising 9.06 pace. Really?

Friday: Ooops.

I was determined to run on Friday morning, to salvage Thursday. But just before I went to bed, I made the enormous mistake of checking Twitter…and then the Husband and I were up till 1am watching the news. And when my alarm went off at 6am for the aforementioned run, the only thing we could do was watch the news again. So I caved in, made some tea and watched. Didn’t we all?

I tried different fuelling methods this week. On Sunday’s run, as I said before, I tried a Hammer Gel with surprising success. On Tuesday’s run I tried Gu Chomps and I LOVED them although I’m not sure they worked very well. I did like eating something though instead of trying to ingest a gel!

And on Tuesday, Juli and I got together and started working on our application for the Another Mother Runner Ragnar team. We are excited!!!! How can they not want us??

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  1. Jen says:

    The Chomps are pretty good — I got a free sample from the Oakland expo. I also really like Clif Shot Bloks. I like that they come wrapped up in a row instead of loose in a bag — easier to eat that way! You have me curious about the Hammer gels. They’re the favorite fueling system of one of the running podcasts I listen to.

    1. Cathryn says:

      I think my sample came from the Oakland Expo too, I know I didn’t buy them. I’ve bought the Clif bloks (also like the row) but I ended up giving them to the Dude as rewards for things done. darn. I’m def trying another Hammer Gel. On ONE trial, they seemed to release energy better than Gu, but it was just one trial!!

      1. Jen says:

        Keep me updated! I’m not 100% committed to Gu, so I’m up for trying others. (I think I’ve that the Clif Shots before and they were ok as well.)

  2. I use Gu Chomps and I have also used the Gatorade Gels.
    I sat stunned most of the week and watched the news coverage.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Me too…grim, wasn’t it. Glad they got him.

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