Speeding up the long run!

This weekend, I wanted to start working on pace for my long run. When I was training for Healdsburg, I started alternating normal-speed miles with faster-speed miles and it worked really well. I wanted to reintroduce this somewhat home-made training strategy.

After a lazy Saturday, I was up and out at 6.30am on Sunday morning. It was cool…my hands were cold for a few miles, but it was much warmer by the time I got home!! I ran through residential suburban streets, nothing very exciting. The best thing was the smell of jasmine from gardens along the way. I LOVE early morning jasmine runs, I look forward to this time of year so much.

Good morning, Jasmine

I took a gel at mile 6 and I think that helped. I was trying out a different brand (Hammer Gel) and a different flavour (apple cinnamon) inspired by Angela a few weeks ago. I was disappointed that it basically wasn’t just apple sauce which I think I was expecting but the Hammer Gel def seemed to work well – my last four miles were all under 9.00, even at the end of the run.

My mile splits. I don’t always post them but I find them really interesting today.

1…   9.28

2…   8.23

3…   9.05

4…   8.52

5…   9.03

6…   8.20

7…   8.54

8…   8.23

9…   8.50

10…   8.27

The one error I did make was, post-run, wearing heels to church. I felt great but OH MY WORD, my legs hurt!

And a few shots from the rest of the weekend!

Trying on dresses with Jenny at Macy’s
Can’t tell you how much this Stay At Home Mum wanted to buy this dress
Okay, so we all officially dress like mums these days.

Hope you all had good weekends!!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nic J says:

    That’s the most random collection of photos – beautiful dress, beautiful dress, child in a box, collection of stripy tops at a BBQ.Perfect way to start my Monday!
    And nice work on the time trial action – I need to do the same! x

    1. Cathryn says:

      The photos are a little random, I grant you!! Good morning, UK! x

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