Trails and sunshine

This weekend started with one of my most fun ever runs. The Dude and I were out the house at 7.25 and we drove to Edgewood Park, last weekend’s discovery. There, we met up with my friend Juli and her two lovely children. Juli is one of my few local running friends but we’ve only got round to running together once, which is silly. So today we did it again.

Only this time…we brought our children. With muffins. Trail running.

Three children, blissfully unaware of what their mothers were about to make them do…

It was brutal. The first mile was basically uphill on dirt or sand trails with switchbacks (hairpins). Juli is SO fast – even pushing 100lbs of stroller and child, she was amazing. However we both had to walk some stretches – my heart was pounding, sweat was dripping off my chin and my running top came off within five minutes. I NEVER run in a sports bra but today, it had to happen. The trail narrowed somewhat precariously in places…but obviously there were no moments when our children were in any danger of plunging down the steep banks. No moments at all. ‘Let’s not tell Daddy’, the Dude said at one point.

Me, the Dude and some untoward midriff 😉

It flattened out at the top and our dream of ‘effortlessly’ running along the trails with our children came true for a minute or two. The park opened up, the trails were flat and we were seriously just buzzing with endorphins. It was incredible!

Juli, Queen of Speed
Check out the ENORMOUS, cheesy, endorphin-high grins!

And then, downhill back to the car. The children loved every second of this – they shrieked and hollered and whooped non-stop. I had this enormous grin plastered on my face as we plunged downhill making ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ yee-hahs! It was just brilliant.

Back at the car-park, Juli handed over my new top that she’d ordered for us both. We look like models, don’t we!

More massive grins. This is what trails do to a girl!

We think we have two years tops before our children can read and we have to put these tops away 🙂

Another Mother Runner (where we got our tops from) is hosting two teams for a Ragnar Relay in DC in October. Juli and I are applying as a pair. She will bring her speed, I will bring the Downton Abbey accent. How can they not want us?

But the weekend running wasn’t over there! On Sunday afternoon, my boys headed off to play mini-golf and I took a couple of blissful hours to myself and went for a run. I’d planned to do 10 miles but for various disorganised reasons hadn’t quite settled on a route in my head. So I ran off anyway. The weather was gorgeous – a little too warm but with enough breeze to keep me mainly cool. I pootled along, listening to podcasts (massive new fan of podcasts, runs are so much easier with some brain stimulation going on), and admiring the gorgeous ice-flowers that are out in force along the Bay Trail. I cut my run a little short at the end as we had friends for dinner and I needed to get cooking, and was astonished to get home and realise I’d done 11.3 miles instead of the planned 10. My legs were a little tired and stiff at the end, but I felt pretty good. So 11.37 miles in 1.42.45 at a 9.02 pace!

It was a great weekend running for me which ended a good week. I feel good. And hungry.

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  1. Nic J says:

    Nice work! More of that and you’ll have arms and abs of steel as well as legs! Have signed up to Marwell Zoo 10k on 12th May, to see if their medal is better than the Lions of Longleat!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Interesting you mention arms…my arms ached during and after the run from all the work holding the Dude up! Good luck at Marwell…will you get a tiger medal?? That would be SO cool!

  2. Jen says:

    Nice runs this week! And those shirts are awesome!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thanks…I love mine. It feels a little naughty 🙂

  3. Lisa@RunWiki says:

    You guys are super studs! I could barely push my twins on the street when they were in the pram. I hope you get on the relay team! I’ve never done one before, but I am doing Ragnar Wasatch Back in June with team Nuun, I’m really excited, they sound fun!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Oooh, I’m excited for you! That sounds amazing. Let me know how that goes. I’ve never done a relay before but do fancy doing one. And the trail run was amazing, it was SO much fun. But pushing one child was hard enough!

  4. Juli Bronzini says:

    I’ve been stalking your blog waiting to see if you posted about our run! And here it is(: I’m going to make Nick read it bc I’m not sure I properly described everything! Wonderful post and what a wonderful run it was!!!!! Still smiling about it and honestly still recovering a bit too!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Me too…I keep telling random people about it, with this kind of manic, adrenaline glee in my eyes. I’m still buzzing. Arms still ache too.

  5. Great job. Now send some of that weather across the US to my part of the world. 🙂

    1. Cathryn says:

      The UK has first call…but you can have it next. I feel so sorry for all you cold-winter people, it’s been a shocker of a winter this year!

  6. Bean says:

    That trail looks like so much fun. And you all are very badass with pushing kids in strollers up trails! Love the tops! I hope you get selected for ragnar. I want to do one one day but will settle for living vicariously through you:).

    1. Cathryn says:

      I don’t think we stand much chance of being selected but we’ll def give it a go!!! The tops are amazing, aren’t they. I feel badass just wearing it!

      We should do a blogger Ragnar one day. All of us who fancy doing one. I’d love to do that.

  7. Karen says:

    The tshirts are just brilliant!!! Lol x

    1. Cathryn says:

      I know, aren’t they!!! They weren’t particularly cheap but the material is amazing – really soft, it feels so nice! I’m impressed.

  8. Kristen says:

    You are bad ass to run with those strollers on the trails! Great job!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thanks 🙂 We felt like superwomen!! Can’t wait to read your Woodside recap (hint hint) as I’m running a half there in August and I need the low-down on the route etc.

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