Felt like flying

Every now and again, a run comes along that is just perfection in a pair of running shoes. On Saturday, I had that run.

Peaked too soon, eh?

I decided (for various reasons) not to do a long run this weekend but to do two shorter runs and do my long run this coming Tuesday. (If you think this is a bad plan, bearing in mind the Oakland Half next Sunday, don’t tell me). On Saturday afternoon, I put on some new clothes including my Oiselle Long Rogas, and set out for 8 miles.  Rogas seem to be the running shorts of choice for most speedy bloggers, I wondered if they might give this slow girl wings. They did. It was seriously effortless from the start. Utterly blissful. I worked hard but just floated along happily. For about half the run I had a good tailwind and I only had a direct headwind for a mile or so – this would have helped my time. But I ended up doing 8 miles in 1.08.28 at a 8.33 pace. Yep!! 8.33! I know!!

New clothes always make me feel good!

I attribute this blinding run to the following:

1) Oiselle Rogas      Their Speedy-Running-Blogger-Magic rubbed off on me. But nothing else rubbed. The no-chafe promise held true. I really like them. I felt really foxy on this run – my new top and new shorts gave me real confidence. The pink ones at Runningwarehouse are calling my name.

2) Tailwind. I have some help from Above. And behind.

3) New music.     Whatever happened to the Backstreet Boys? Because I had a BB marathon on my playlist today and they were amazing. “Backstreet’s back’ is a blinding piece of music! And they all seem to have the same beat which miraculously matched my footfall. I also had the new Taylor Swift song ‘Knew you were trouble’. My love for Taylor Swift is increasing, I know this will disturb many of you. And Fatboy Slim’s ‘Right here, right now’ came as I turned into the headwind and helped me push on!

4) Sunshine.    The weather was gorgeous. At one point ‘California Dreaming’ came on my iPhone. I was speeding along next to the bay in the sunshine watching two white egrets courting and I wondered how on earth this Wiltshire girl ended up lucky enough to live here.

5) Training    I have picked my training up a lot in the past few weeks. Notably, my long runs have been hilly and hard, and my two treadmill sessions have been flipping tough as well. Is this the hard work paying off?

6) ‘The time of the month’   Without going all ‘ewww’ on you, this is the ‘good’ week of my month. The week when I feel good and happy and sleek and foxy. I wonder if it made a difference.

Anyway. I was seriously buzzing at the end of this run. Buzzing like a bumble bee on acid. SO buzzy.

On Sunday, it was time for a shorter run. As expected, my four miles felt slow and sluggish. I ran them in 36.05 so a 9.01 pace – not shabby at all. But they felt a little shabby. Never mind…the Saturday buzz lives on.

Anyway…in other scenes from the weekend…

The Husband got back from Mexico 10lbs lighter (he wasn’t very well) and determined to keep it off. He is now signed up for the Apple Hill 10k in April AND the SF Half in June. He ran 3 miles on Saturday before I even woke up. I am now married to a runner. This is very exciting.

Welcome home, Husband. We’ve missed you!

To help keep the weight off, he went straight out and bought a ‘walking treadmill’ from Craigslist. It has a maximum speed of 4mph but has a desk so we can type as we walk. It is GINORMOUS and has somewhat altered the appearance of our bedroom. My views on the treadmill are mixed. The Dude however is thrilled.

This mammoth machine has somewhat changed the ambiance of our bedroom

We had an England v Wales 6 Nations Rugby party. England lost. Let’s move on.

Despair in the room as Wales score another try

The Husband and I had a date night to the cinema to watch ‘Silver Linings Playbook’. I liked it very much – my girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence continues!! The movie even had running in it!

I helped host a baby shower for my lovely friend Dana.

Let’s just say I didn’t look as gorgeous as her at 36 weeks pregnant.

So. Not a bad weekend!!!

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Woohoo! Don’t you wish you could capture that “awesome run” feeling in a bottle and take a whiff when you need it most? Nice run, and nice shorts!! 😉

    p.s. #6 is a very valid point! I think lady running blogs should discuss this more often! For example, I’d blame last week’s bad run on PMS bloating. But then again, I like to blame everything on PMS. haha

    1. Cathryn says:

      I blame many things on PMS but yes, it DOES make a difference to our running performance. But I don’t think i’m brave enough to talk about periods for more than a quick breath!!! Never mind…main thing is that this weekend isn’t ‘THAT’ weekend 😉

      1. Jen says:

        Dude. I have so many stories, but I’m also not brave enough to talk about it on the blog. In person is a different story… especially after a few drinks!

  2. Bean says:

    Love runs like that. That running outfit is very cute. You should feel amazing trotting along in that ;). Will there be some Mrs and Mr Heart’s Content races being run in the future? Always fun to have a ready made running partner in the house. I also have a huge crush on Jennifer Lawrence. I just think we should be best friends. Is that too much to ask? A great weekend. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Cathryn says:

      There is already competition heating up ref the SF Half…he’s talking the talk 🙂 And isn’t it silly what difference a cute outfit makes to how we feel? And yes…Jennifer Lawrence is The Girl. Congrats on your great 20 miler…so impressed.

  3. Angela says:

    I think you are going to KILL IT Sunday!! Can’t wait!!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I didn’t have any great expectations for Sunday until that run – I hoped to go sub-two if I was lucky. But now, all kinds of swanky dreams are being contemplated. We’ll see!! Are you running Oakland as well? Hope so.

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