A week in my shoes…March 8th


Bam! Having moaned last week about feeling fat, lazy and not like a runner, I pulled my socks up this week and started doing something about it! The good thing is that I have had NO shin pain all week. Praise the Lord for Saucony Rides!

Thursday nightYoga

Yoga on demand in my bedroom. I found this link on Cate’s blog – thanks so much, Cate. The dreamy Yoga lady said she could see lotus pads and turtles from where she was yoga-ing. I could see hairs that needed hoovering on my carpet. I am AWFUL at Yoga. Cannot describe how bad I am. I overbalanced on every pose. I couldn’t even work out how she was twisting at times. The only one I can do is upward dog. Thank goodness for upward dog.

Friday: Treadmill Intervals

I mentioned this before, so in summary, 6 miles in 51 mins at 8.30 pace. (Which is super-fast for me but it doesn’t really count on a treadmill).

Sunday: 12 miles long run

But you knew about that.

Monday:  Yoga

Same session. Still as rubbish.

Tuesday: 10 miles long run

But you knew about that too…

Friday: Jillian Michaels 30 day shred – level 2

Abs like that, please. In 30 days.

Weight lost: 3lbs of the 5lb I put on in the UK. Waist starting to re-emerge.

Mental state: SO much happier! SO much happier!!!!

In other news, I’ve signed up for the Crystal Springs Trail Half marathon in August, in my favourite local park, Huddart Park. My parents arrive in California the day before so they’ll be awake early and can hang out with the Dude, come to see me cross the finish line and drive me up to mine and my Dad’s favourite local restaurant, Alice’s! If you’re a local runner…fancy doing this one with me?? Well, starting it with me and having burgers afterwards.

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  1. Jen says:

    The Crystal Springs Run sounds nice! I’ll have to put that on my list of races to consider. I wish they had a 30K instead of a 22 miler, because one of my goals this year is to run a trail 30K. The elevation profile is so intense! Almost 2000′ elevation gain over 5 miles??

  2. Me — oh wait, I don’t live there. But I totally would run this and go get burgers too. I crave hamburgers after every race. The iron in the beef? And great job amping up your training. Bam! One week of awesome conquered.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thanks!!!!! You should so come here and do a race. I was up in the East Bay today and the trails and the views looked AMAZING!!!!! Lots of exclamation marks required.

  3. Bean says:

    Trail race- fun! The noticing the hairs on the carpet had me cracking up. I do the same thing when trying to find the patience to continue doing yoga- I am not very good at it either- and apparently I am really bad at vacuuming.

    1. Cathryn says:

      I struggled with yoga too. I meant to do it a third time but kind of lost patience. I’ll try a class when the Husband gets home from his business trip. Maybe the ‘night out’ aspect of it will get me going.

  4. Angela says:

    Hmm….I am tempted, but I am also a huge trail racing chicken. :-/

    God, I suck at yoga too. Really. Half the time I have no idea whether I’m doing the right thing or not. I can never keep up.

    1. Cathryn says:

      That makes me feel a bit better. Do you get the whole quivery leg thing as well?? Do the trail race – it’ll be a shocker but so much fun as well!! And Alice’s afterward…with my parents…how can you resist?

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