March blast off!

My March resolutions have started very well indeed!

At 6am on Friday the 1st, you would have found me on the treadmill, one of my very rare ventures onto the machine of doom. It was my only option so I grabbed it! I ran six long miles, using it as an opportunity for speedwork. I’m not entirely sure about the accuracy of the pace info I’m about to share as I’m never sure of how to convert treadmill numbers but basically I ran quarter of a mile at 9.25 pace, quarter of a mile at 9.00 pace and then half a mile at 8.00 pace. FLIPPING KILLED ME. But it was great and I was buzzing at the end! 6 miles in 51.00 at a 8.30 pace! Good Morning, March!

Good morning!

My legs ached a lot afterwards.

And on Sunday, the Husband abandoned wife, child and ginger cat and went off with work for two weeks. So once again I was up early to get this weekend’s long run in. 5.45 am up. 6.15 am out the door! I ran 12 relatively unexciting miles but they went well. No shin pain at all, thank goodness. I am so lucky that I caught it early and was able to identify and fix the cause (wrong shoes). I struggled a little in the middle miles, primarily because I didn’t eat enough the night before. I ate enough for normal life but not enough for 12 miles. But I managed somehow to pick the pace up in the final miles, which pleased me. So 12 miles in 1.51 at a 9.15 pace. Happy with that!

In addition to the runs, I’ve been doing some abs exercises every day in an aim to haul my belly back in! It’s amazing how quickly abs respond to a little care. Lots to do, but enough progress to make me quickly happy!

To finish off, some scenes from the weekend!

Family Portrait at one of our favourite spots!
Point Bonita Lighthouse
That bridge made us all poo our pants!
I met this dog over the weekend.He was incredible.
Half polar bear, half dog. I’m smitten.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Angela says:

    I love that spot for views of GG Bridge! I always take people there when they visit.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Me too, it’s cracking, isn’t it. I especially like it when it’s foggy but the top of the bridge pokes out!!

  2. That pic by the bridge is a framer! Love it. And you completely dominated that treadmill run and the long run. I wish I had as much confidence in my abs responding to work. Maybe I’m not working hard enough.:) Good luck without the hubs this week. Mine is gone too this week. After the first day or two, it feels easier.

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