A week in my shoes…Feb 22nd

Oh shin, shin from hell.Ugh.

Let’s recap.

Saturday: 10 mile long run      But you knew about that!

Monday: Stroller run.

A 4 mile stroller run with the Dude to Wholefoods to buy some sprinkles so we could make these delicious chocolate things. Minimal shin pain. Wore Saucony Rides. I am smitten with their aqua beauty and hoping desperately that they work out.

Wednesday: 6 miles

An early morning run.I am SO motivated to run in the morning now it’s light again. NO pain.  Just 6.3 happy miles in 56.51 at a 8.54 pace.

A Bay Area winter morning
A little frost on a footbridge!
And some winter sun to warm your face

Thursday: 3 miles with running club

The Husband’s football game was at 10.30 (!!) so I got to go to running club. I ran the short run tonight as a test to see how my shins feel in my old Nikes. There was pain. More than I had anticipated.

All week, I had been hoping (and kind of planning on) running Lake Chabot Half on Saturday! I really want to do it. I have visions of myself bounding over the hills like a gazelle. I haven’t even been concerned about fitness, I would walk as and when I needed to. But this shin isn’t mending like I’d hoped. And I want it to mend. I want to run pain free, and soon! In addition, the Oakland Half is four weeks away – I don’t want to screw up Oakland by running injured on Saturday.I don’t want to do the Chabot 10k instead, so I’m going to drop out.


I am a bit gutted!!  But this feels like a very wise, sensible,38-year old decision. Missing a race to be able to run happily in the future. Wise. But gutting.

On a perkier note, my Oiselle Long Roga shorts arrived this week. I fell between two sizes, so went for the smaller ones as motivation to lose the extra British weight. At present,I am still too chunky but I am thinking of Rogas every time I think about cake. Sometimes the thought even stops me indulging, I can’t wait to wear them.

Also, I bought a Living Social deal for 20 yoga lessons for $20…and somehow I got it for $10. I only need to go to one lesson to make it worthwhile…result! However they don’t have many early morning/evening classes upon inspection,so making it to one class may prove challenging. But my New Year Resolution to do six classes has taken a leap forward.

Come on shin…mend quickly, please. I have running to do!

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  1. Jen says:

    So sorry about the shin pain, Cathryn. One question for you — were you mindful of your landings with the run club? I know sometimes when I run with others I don’t think as much about my form. I know that you seemed to be able to get around some shoe/pain issues when you were paying special attention to your landing. Anyway, I say all of this because I used to get shin pain in my old Adidas whenever the cushion ran out. Turns out I was heel striking like crazy (even though I didn’t think I was). Changing to the minimalist shoes forced me to stop doing that. I’m not recommending the same for you, especially 4 weeks before a race, but it’s something to consider.
    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Cathryn says:

      You’re so right – I wasn’t paying attention to my landing and that def alleviates the pain significantly. My old Nikes are also low on cushioning, I need new ones asap. You’re a very wise runner 🙂

      1. Jen says:

        Ha, I don’t know about wise. Just glad I was able to say something mildly helpful. 🙂

  2. Angela says:

    Ugh…I wince just reading about other people’s shin pain. Hate hate hate. For me it’s on the inside part of the shin, between the calf & ankle, just behind the bone. I know I get it more when I’m tired and when my hip / glute muscles are weak. But I have this feeling that it shows up in all kinds of places & has different causes for different people. Sometimes you just have to keep trying things!

    You’re right, skipping Lake Chabot is probably the right call, but I know that doesn’t make it suck any less. 😛

    1. Cathryn says:

      I know!!! I’ve been checking your blog for shin splint info, thanks! Like the custom insoles particularly. I’m hoping that rest, ice and decent shoes will heal me quickly. Happy Birthday for tomorrow by the way!!

    2. My shin pain (when I have it – thank God it’s not all the time) is in the same place… yuck 😦

  3. Bean says:

    So sorry about the shin pain. Missing a race is the worst but you are doing the smart thing even though it is super annoying I am sure. I bought some rogas and was way to bootylicious (blame Beyonce not me for that word) to fit into them so had to return them but motivation is good so I am sure you will be rocking them in no time!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I much prefer your being too bootiylicious for the Rogas as opposed to me being too chunky!! it’s all in the wording! and thanks for the shin sympathy. I am glum about the lack of racing, but peaceful that it’s the right decision.

  4. I hope your shins feel better. I’m no doctor but I think that if you continue to run, it’ll likely slow or hinder the healing process

    1. Cathryn says:

      I know, I know…but I can’t help myself!!!!

  5. Sorry you have to drop out of a race you were looking forward to ~ sounds like you’re making the right choice.
    Pain = no fun at all. Hopefully you’ll be pain-free in 4 weeks! Ice! Elevate (that is the athletic trainer’s wife coming out in me)!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I did a lot of icing this weekend and managed a good, pain free run on Saturday in new shoes. But I know missing a trail race was the right decision, frustrating as it was! I never get round to the elevating though – does anyone??:)

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