Hills and trains…

It makes me laugh how weather-focussed this blog has been since I landed in the UK – my nation is (rightfully) obsessed with the weather. However on the night after our epic snow-run, it rained…and when we woke on Sunday morning the world was 5 deg C warmer and pretty much entirely snow-free!! But now it’s windy and damp!

And that was your weather report 😉

Anyway, on Monday morning we were back at the In-Laws’ so I snuck out for a run. I did my 4.5 mile Hill Spectacular again…the pavements were clear of ice and snow so it was easier in that respect! The hills also seemed much easier, which makes me think that the Jillian Michaels workout I’d done the day before my last hill run must have worked me really hard! I do love running hills…it makes me feel so tough! 4.5 miles done.

In other running news: I am now officially registered for two Spring half-marathons. As a birthday present (next week is Birthday Week), my lovely girls signed me up for the Lake Chabot Half on Feb 24th (which will have the honour of being my first trail half marathon, my first trail race and likely to be my second trail run ever). And I then signed up for the Oakland Half on March 24th! Lake Chabot will definitely be a ‘long training run with a medal’ but Oakland I’ll be racing, although I think it unlikely we’re talking PR possibility! But it feels good to have them in the diary!!! Anyone else doing them?

And then I won a Trailmix App from Yo Momma. Apparently, according to the site, ‘it will take my training to a whole new level’. I am excited about this. Thanks, Yo Momma.

And finally, a couple of snapshots of our trip to the National Railway Museum in York.

We are now a family in thrall to the Japanese Bullet Train
You can’t beat a brother-in-law who dresses up as a Chuggington Train
Queen Victoria’s train on display
Lovely old York in the rain

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  1. Jen says:

    Yay for spring marathons!! I think you totally could PR at Oakland, if you don’t run long — last year, I ran 13.25 miles due to all of the turns. I’m still not sure about Lake Chabot. Tim just went on his first run in ages on Sunday and it went ok, so as long as he doesn’t hurt his back again, then we’ll definitely be doing the Lake Merritt Couples Relay (that same weekend). That’s so thoughtful of your friends to sign you up for Lake Chabot — what a great birthday present!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Glad he’s mending…I love the idea of a couples relay, it’s so sweet!! I’ll see you at Oakland anyway!!

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