A week in my Nikes…Jan 4th

So here we are…the first weekly training tracker of the year. And it was a GOOD week – I feel SO much better about running and by default about myself. There is something about running or exercise that makes me feel so much happier with who I am!!

Saturday: 10k training run

The double-header weekend began on a damp, grey morning when I headed out for 6 relatively slow but steady miles. I wanted to run both days, and do 7 miles on Sunday, so didn’t want to push my pace too much. I’m more fussed about building up distance again. I spotted only one other runner on this dull morning but did 10k in 57.01 at a 9.10 pace.

Sunday: 7 mile training run

I rarely do back-to-back running days but I did today, in glorious sunshine. In my long-sleeved top and foxy new Christmas capris, I was a bit too warm and my Christmas music was ridiculously out of place. Time to retire that playlist for 11 months. But my 7 miles were good – somehow I cranked them out in 1.01.03 which is an 8.43 pace. I am very very happy with that and kind of surprised. But happy!

Tuesday: 5k New Years’ Day Resolution Run

Yeah baby!!! A 5k PR to start the year. But you know about that!!

Yippeee….PR time!

Thursday: 5 miles with Running Group.

Luckily the Husband’s footy team don’t start up till next week, so I went to running group on a dark, cold night. Brrr. I had a good time chatting with a few people as I ran but eventually ended up on my own, which was fine until I totally lost everyone else. The neighbourhood is very safe so I wasn’t worried, but I was very lost for a while until I worked my way back to the warmth of the running shop where we start and finish. I think I did about 5 miles at 9.00 pace, it’s a bit of a guess but feels about right.

And there you go, peeps! My first week back as a runner again. It was a corker!!!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m back this week too. It feels fabulous. Welcome back too!

  2. woohoo, great week, and great way to start the year 😀

  3. Bean says:

    Someone is looking awfully speedy! And that someone would be you! Great week!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thank you!!! It’s funny…I was starting to think that I was a little speedy, and that I was God’s gift to running. And then on Thursday at running group, I started with the speedsters and one by one, everyone passed me until I was firmly mid-pack again. It was a good reminder not to get too big for my britches!!!!

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