New year, new shoes!

It’s time…I’m getting new running shoes. I did the maths and I think my Nikes covered about 800 miles this year, so I decided it was time to retire them and buy some new shoes. I have liked my Nike Vomeros very much but would like to try something different. It does beg the question as to ‘why’…but basically I want to check out Brooks and Saucony specifically as I’ve read so many good things about both brands. There is also a little snobbery attached, I’ll be honest. I like Nike as a brand but it doesn’t scream ‘Runner’. I’m being honest here, but the more I type, the stupider I seem to myself. But anyway!

The obligatory trainers photo. These are Nike Vomeros. I like the purple laces.
I’ve really liked these shoes

Now, buying new running shoes is a big deal here – I’m not one of those girls with five or six pairs of shoes ‘in rotation’. I’m a One Pair girl – my trail running shoes are basically for going to Target in. So buying a new pair of shoes is exciting, a tad risky and a little nerve-wracking for me. Kind of like going to the hair-dressers.

I headed off to my local running store, A Runners Mind in nearby Burlingame and spent a great half hour or so trying on a couple of pairs that would be suitable. I wear Neutral Plus – I need a lot of cushioning as I land on my forefoot and must land heavily. I’m not that heavy a girl, but if I don’t have enough cushioning, my forefoot goes numb after four miles or so. My favourites from the afternoon were the Brooks Glycerins and the Asics Nimbus. They’re ordering the Brooks (the current favourite) in for me – they only had them in blue and I don’t like blue. They’re also ordering the Asics in the correct size so I can try both pairs. Any recommendations? I wore Asics for years until they messed the Cumulus up, but I also fancy trying Brooks.

As for running this week, it’s been a decent week. It feels like a corner was turned – the corner between slobbing around on the sofa and starting to train again. I feel good about it!! I feel like a runner again – albeit a slightly lazy one.

Saturday: The Christmas Music Run

But you knew all about that. 

Monday: Christmas Eve

The tiniest little run ever – about a mile and a half to the supermarket and back with the Dude in the stroller to pick up something I forgot earlier that morning. Sandwiched between two days of horrific rain, Christmas Eve was glorious and sunny. I wore a t-shirt. It was great.

Wednesday: Boxing Day

Oh America, why don’t you have Boxing Day? Why do you send people back to work so soon after Christmas? Luckily the Husband got home early so I snuck in a run in the dark. Luckily, I used to do a lot of cycling so I wore my cycling hi-viz jacket and I was lit up like a Christmas tree and felt really safe.  It was a lot of fun, running through darkened streets lit by Christmas lights. I really enjoyed it and managed not to fall over. I ran 5.2 miles in 47.23 at a 9.04 pace and I felt much better than Saturday’s run. My last mile was my fastest at 8.45 and that made me really happy.

No-one was going to miss me tonight!

I planned to run on Friday but that turned into an extra hour in bed which is poor, to be honest. So on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, I’ll be running. I’m aiming to do 6 miles on the Saturday and 7 miles on the Sunday – slow, gentle runs to start notching up my distance again. And now I’ve blogged about it, I’m obviously committed to doing it. Feel free to hassle me! I have a lot of Christmas extra-padding to burn off!!

Happy weekend, everyone! If you have any views on the great New Shoe debate, please drop me a comment!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. YAY for new shoes! i’m also so happy that u’re making sure to go to a running store so they can make sure u’re running in the right kind of shoe. it’s SO important. i’d say that the nimbus is a really good one, i’m nike partial myself and am loving the nike lunarglides.
    hope u’re having a wonderful weekend1

    1. Cathryn says:

      I’m torn…I would normally swear by Asics but their rejig of the Cumulus has made me suspicious. We’ll see, when both pairs come into the shop. I’m also very fond of my Nikes and am wondering if my brand snobbery is going to be my downfall!!!

  2. aleksruns says:

    If you already have a forefoot strike, you should try Newton Running shoes. I switched recently, and I’d run in Saucony for eight years before that. Newtons have less cushioning, which I thought would be a problem – but on the contrary. I love them. Oh, and brand snobbery is totally, totally normal and acceptable 🙂

    1. Cathryn says:

      I did think about Newtons – maybe I’ll try them at the next Newtons night at running club. I’m always a little nervous of ‘new’ brands compared to more established brands. I know so little about the technicalities of running that I prefer a bit of experience.

  3. Mary Frances Daly says:

    I have the Glycerin and really like them but it did take some getting used to. I used to wear Brooks Ghosts which I also loved but wanted something different. The Glycerin are heavier and took some getting used to (I don’t know why!!) but I’ve been very happy with them so far. My husband also went out and got them!! What color did they order for you?? I have the gray and pink ones!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Yes, that’s them. SO glad you like them, thanks for the input. Let’s see what happens when they arrive in the shop.

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