Manga boats, pink cats and a golden poo

You would be amazed if you knew how many people find my blog by googling ‘poo’. So, poo-lovers…welcome to another pertinent post.

Anyway. It is FLIPPING FREEZING in Tokyo. Two ‘winters’ in the Bay Area and I can’t believe I was tough enough to grow up in the UK!! SO cold. It’s hovering around freezing in the mornings, and as such I didn’t think it was fair to take the Dude out for a run on Tuesday morning…so I ended up skipping my run that day. Minimal guilt…ate some cake to quash those feelings. But today, Wednesday, I did get out for a run. I ran at 6.30am when it was utterly freezing. I wore a hat, which says how cold it was. I didn’t want to run – I stepped into the chilly air and nearly bolted for my bed but promised myself just half an hour.

In the end I did about 4 1/2 miles, down to manga-world Akihabara then back up to Ueno Park for the familiar loop. Lots of runners out this morning – generally older gentlemen although I saw the same young man in the orange jacket flying past me as usual! Spotted this morning: a massive group of older people in tracksuits doing tai-chi or something similar next to the lake; the homeless people in the park sweeping up around their camps and sharing food with a feral cat. There is so much to see here.  I’m very fond of my Ueno Park runs – I have one Tokyo run left and I know I’ll be sad when it’s done.

Roughly 4.3 miles in 38.27 which is about a 9 min mile. Pleasantly surprised.

Good morning, Ueno!

There are a couple of things that I have to note down before I forget, things that have struck us:

* Tokyo is spotlessly clean even though there are no bins/trashcans anywhere. There are a few, obviously, but not many. We see people sweeping ALL THE TIME. Some paid sweepers but so many people just sweeping their little patch of Tokyo. So lovely.

* Whenever there is any construction going on (road/houses etc), there is a small army of older gentlemen standing around the safety barrier holding red light-up sticks. As you walk past, they smile, bow and wave you past with the red light sabres. Totally unnecessary but so nice!! The Dude waves every time.

In other exciting events, recently:

The Skytree and the Golden Flame (aka the Golden Turd)
Boat trip on the river!
The world’s sexiest boat….the Manga inspired Himiko
We are hoping to go on it tomorrow.
The amazing Cats Lovin’ store in Odaiba
FINALLY we find a Cat Cafe that lets in three-year olds
(And their mums who need to brush their hair)
The truly spectacular Fuji TV building
The Dude was SO excited to meet up with his new Japanese friend!!!
How can you not love Japan when it does Panda coffee??

Four more days.

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