Cat cafes, snowmen and boiled pea desserts!

There are times when it’s only because I have this blog that I get my bottom out the door and run. Wednesday morning was one of those mornings. No real reason, just general laziness. If the Dude had objected, I would have skipped my run. But he was up for it, the sky was blue and the sun shining for the first time in days…and I have a running blog. So I ran.

I’m glad I did. Like always. I’d mapped myself a little 5 miler out on mapmyrun and set off. It was basically an urban run with not much exciting to see. Roads packed with people (so the pace was very slow, I had to walk quite often, stop at lights a lot, dodge people politely) and they were uninteresting urban roads lined with houses, local shops and the odd shrine. Nothing really exciting. It was surprisingly hilly (I hadn’t counted on that) and so I was properly tired at the end! The only exciting part (for the Dude) was running past the wheel and the roller-coaster at Tokyo Dome City!! But we got home, 5 miles done and happy for the run!


What else?? We went up another tower – the Tokyo Tower, which until the Skytree opened in May was THE place to see the city. It seemed a little lacklustre in comparison.

The Tokyo Tower.
Painted Industrial Orange – the same shade as the Golden Gate Bridge
The Japanese LOVE these cutesy photo backdrops.
I do too, now!

We sniggered at local TV presenters.

Check out the hair of the TV presenter on the right!
The Asahi TV building.

We saw a posh cat and dog shop where the kittens cost $10,000 (5,000 quid)!!

Strollers outside a shop.
Strollers for DOGS!

We made friends with the locals…the Dude and this little girl had so much fun running round that she literally collapsed and went to sleep as we said goodbye!

The Dude and his lovely new buddy

And we hunted out the Calico Cat Cafe! This was top of our things to do in Tokyo – a cafe high up in the sky where you pay your money and get to play with their cats for an hour. The Dude and I were both seriously excited about this. We hunted it down (above a noodle bar), took the rickety lift to the top…and found out that no children are allowed. Two heartbroken Ramsdens! They very sweetly brought out one cat for us to play with for a while.

So excited…so unaware of the heartbreak that awaited him
Bontu – the cat we were allowed to play with.
Thank you, lady at the Calico Cat Cafe!

And we visited Shinjuku Gyoen – a large, beautiful Japanese garden in the shadow of the skyscrapers. We are both becoming particularly fond of these little gardens.

Amazing colours…photos will never do them justice!


The beautiful, futuristic greenhouse.
Try explaining to a three year old why it’s not green!

And then we tried a local speciality.

Dried peas with honey and bean paste

Now we’re up for eating most things, so we gave it a go. I can’t really describe what we were served. Tiny cubes of gelatin, in some kind of brown sauce, with two coloured things on top and a wedge of bean paste. Now bean paste I’m growing quite fond of. But the cubes and the brown sauce…no thank you. We ate enough to be polite and then I pretended that the Dude didn’t like it!

But.. it’s Christmas. The blogosphere is all festive and putting up pics of their trees. Us? No festivities, although Tokyo is Christmassy enough. I knew we would have a curtailed Chrimbo this year and I’m fine with it – but this morning, I was feeling a little sad at the lack of Christmas this December. So we cracked open the box of foam snowmen that I bought at Michaels and we spent an hour making and hanging them in our small, ever-so-slightly damp Tokyo apartment, to the accompaniment of Christmas music on the iPhone. Result? 24 foam snowmen. One happy girl and boy!

Snowmen making…
An army of snowmen
Like the vampire army in Breaking Dawn, don’t you think?

Too many toddler photos in this post, eh? Sorry. The downside when there’s only two of you walking around and one is rubbish with the camera.

Oooh…and I’m a single parent in Tokyo at the moment. The Husband has gone to China and Hong Kong for two nights/three days. It’s the Dude, me and the dried pea desserts! Bring it on, Tokyo!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. I absolutely completely understand! Sometimes, the ONLY reason I’ll run is because of the blog. That’s a great motivator though, isn’t it 🙂

    1. Cathryn says:

      It is, and I’m grateful for it!!

  2. Jen says:

    The Cat Cafe story is sad and charming all at once.
    Good for you for trying that dessert, but even to a bonafide fan of Asian desserts — that one looks gross!

    1. Cathryn says:

      It wasn’t my favourite ever…the fact the Dude left it speaks volumes!

  3. 10,000 for a kitten?? beats all I have ever seen! Those snowmen are so cute…I bet The Dude enjoyed making them!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Lovely to hear from you. Yeah, that’s a ridiculous amount for a kitten when there are shelters full of them!!!! And the snowmen are up on our wall, we’re feeling much more festive.

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