Happy Thanksgiving. I wondered whether doing a Thanksgiving post was too cheesy, but whatever…I’m thankful.

Being British, we’re new to Thanksgiving but we have taken it to our hearts and will be importing it to the UK when we move back. We are spending today with some American friends who have taken us in for both our previous thanksgivings…and right from the start, we loved it. There’s nothing as touching as standing round a table in a big group, behind your chair, whilst people say what they’re grateful for. I haven’t managed a tear-free Thanksgiving yet and I suspect today won’t be the day.

Last year, we held the first annual Ramsden Turkey Trot. Two people turned up to run with us but it was a lot of fun. This year, we think 3 people are coming. Much more exciting.

The intrepid few…plus the husband

Anyway. Here are a few things I’m thankful for in 2012.

Being a WINNER!

Just wanted to say thanks to Bean, on whose blog I won a pair of hot pink laces, plus some Clif shots and some Nuun this week. I am waaaay too excited about these laces! Check out Bean’s blog…the girl runs half marathons on a weekly basis. I am in awe.

My family

It’s an obvious one, I’m sorry. But my world would be a sad, sad place without my three boys – silver, gold and ginger. And my parents. And my in-laws. And my friends, the family I have chosen for myself across the years.


Running has been the obsession of 2012. I started off training for Kaiser, knowing it would be good for me…and then the running bug bit deep. This year, I have grown to love it so much – the freedom, the challenge, the sense of achievement, the confidence it has given me. I am so thankful to be a runner.

The health of my heart

There are many people with heart conditions who are not healthy enough to be able to run. Let alone to run half marathons. My Uncle had heart surgery just a few weeks ago – despite not being a blood relative, he had pretty much the exact surgery I’ll need at some point. He is doing well, but it reminded me that my heart, whilst imperfect, is tough enough (at the moment) to let me do this. And I’m grateful.

The people of America

I think the Americans are the most misrepresented nation in the world. The European press often portrays them negatively . Yet all we have found here is warmth, friendship, astonishing kindness from strangers, passionate views from all ends of the spectrum and more organic, local, sustainable vegetables than I’ve ever seen in my life! We love and miss our UK friends (don’t think I’ve forgotten you) but I am so grateful to this lovely nation for taking us in and being so welcoming.


We leave for Japan tomorrow (aaaagh). And I’m grateful again for the opportunity to travel, to see a new part of the world, to meet new people, try a new language, eat new food and run different streets. I’ve been given many opportunities all my life and I know how lucky I am.

This blog…and YOU!

I started this blog back in May to try and keep myself accountable with my eating and my exercise. It’s become a really exciting part of my life. I am totally convinced that reading running blogs and logging my own progress has made me a better runner, which resulted in a new Half Marathon PR at the age of 37. It’s introduced me to some wonderful commenters – I wish you could see how happy I am whenever anyone leaves a comment. This is still a tiny blog, but I am so grateful to everyone who reads it or leaves a comment. Thank you for getting excited with me.

Okay. Enough with the sentimentality. Back to the packing! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m glad you like Americans! Also, I’ve only been in an airport in Japan, and even just being there for an hour was impressive. The bathrooms seemed so modern and clean. I loved it. And they had a sushi bar (of course), and it just seemed so cool. You will love it! I hope you are able to keep posting while you’re there so we can see your adventures.

  2. Cathryn says:

    I hope to keep on posting…assuming wifi is everywhere! So excited. So desperately in need of somewhere to stay! Happy Thanksgiving

  3. aleksruns says:

    Japan – sounds awesome! You must run there and post photos. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Nic J says:

    I’m thankful the weekend starts later today – does that count?! It’s been a long old week, I can tell you. Weird how having Monday off can throw your whole week out and make it feel even longer than usual! I’m also thankful that our roof is 95% fixed so after that despite gales and torrential rain of yesterday/overnight, we slept peacefully in our own room. Lucky, as the two spare rooms with bed in are currently minus large sections of flooring as they work out how to remove and replace a steel beam…
    Enjoy Japan – my only advice is to avoid trains at rush hour. I’ve seen pictures of them using rams to cram people on, which makes the relative insanity of the Waterloo and City at rush hour seem positively normal… A bonkers nation, who cannot drink for toffee, but adore karaoke – never really got my head around that, depsite having worked in the Japanese bank for a year!

    And keep writing SJP – we may not comment all the time, but doesn’t mean to say we’re not reading them, enjoying, and wishing we were with you!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Good news about the roof, I had no idea it was that bad….floor as well!!! And yes, it’s always appropriate to be thankful about the weekend.

      We leave this afternoon – madly trying to clean for the house/cat sitter…yet finding time to be online. Hmmm. Priorities.

      See you in the Far East x

  5. Bean says:

    You are so sweet! Your laces are packed up and ready to head your way in December when you return from your adventures in Japan. My best friend taught in Japan for two years and she loved the country and the people. I have no doubt it will be a shock at first but I am sure you will be living it up in no time. Safe travels!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thank you!! We are here safely…bowled over so far.

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