Running in So-Cal: Venice Beach

Happy Bonfire Night!!! BIG night for the Brits. One of my favourites of the year. We’re off to a Bonfire tonight! And for you non-Brits, go and vote tomorrow!!! Women threw themselves under racehorses so you could vote. Go. Vote!

Last week, we had a mini Ramsden holiday to LA. We stayed for three nights in Venice Beach, had one night in the Queen Mary in Long Beach and then one night in Santa Barbara. We had a LOT of fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to run some new streets!!!

On Monday, we made the long trip down to LA – eight hours in the car with a toddler. That was fun!! To ease the boredom, I basically ate rubbish for seven hours. My worst day of eating, in terms of both quality and quantity for a very long time. However we got safely to the lovely house we’d rented for three nights in Venice Beach.

So on Tuesday morning, I was desperate to run and to work off some of yesterday’s indulgence. Our house was about a mile from the beach so I ran down there, surprised by the thick fog. I didn’t realise So-Cal was foggy, durr!! The minute I hit the beach, I was overwhelmed by the whole LA thing. They were filming on the corner, palm trees and Baywatch-type lifeguard huts dotted the beach and people there were either homeless-looking hippies or super-fit bodies beautiful. It was fantastic and such a difference from my suburbs!

The famous Venice Beach…in the fog
The boardwalk…bike path and running trail. Nice, thank you!
The sun, peeking through, as the Dude would say

I ran four miles. The first gently, the second and third blitzing it and the fourth more comfortably. I stopped quite regularly for photos, but felt like I really worked and pushed it. On the way back, I stopped where they were filming and shamelessly asked a lady what they were filming. No point pretending I’m a super-cool Angeleno…I’m a suburban SAHM and this was exciting. It was ‘Legit’, a comedy show with Jeffery Someone.

Happy! But not glamorous!!

So all in all a good run, some ridiculously good (for me) mile-splits (8.02 and 7.57  for my faster miles) and some exciting new streets!

On Wednesday, I headed out for a gentle half hour. My legs ached quite badly after yesterday’s speedster sesh, so I jogged to the beach and this time went south. Quickly, it became apparent that it wasn’t as nice this way – groups of homeless people, tattoo parlours, smoke shops, tarot readers. I’m always cautious when I don’t know where I am, so I turned north quickly. But a nice start to the day!

A few snaps of our Hollywood days…we were off to Long Beach next.

Venice Beach

Our Halloween Astronaut needed a space ship!
Hollywood, baby!