The pros and cons of a running mini-break!

So I’m a week or so into my month-long mini-break from running (well, training rather than running) and these are the things that have occurred to me.

The Bad Things about a break.

1) Lethargy. No morning running has definitely made me slower, lazier and sleepier. How does that work?

2) Aimlessness.  I’m still running, but I feel so aimless about it. How far should I run today? Which route should I take? Fast or slow? Maybe I’ll go tomorrow after all.  Decisions that don’t matter and instead of feeling chilled about it, I’m finding it unpleasant.

3) Getting fatter. I have an amazing capacity to over-eat and unfortunately, running less   means eating less.  After just one week, I’ve put on a few pounds but more importantly, I feel flabby and bloated.

4) Nothing to buy.  Last week I was in the neighbourhood of my running shop so I popped in…and needed NOTHING. My husband will be delighted and I know this really is a good thing but it was weird not even needing any gels or any Nuun. I made the poor guys talk to me about new running shoes, which I won’t need for a month or two, just so I could look at some shiny new gear to think about.

5) Blogging. Because this blog is surely much less exciting now I’m not training for anything.

Sitting in the hot tub – so exhausting.


The Good Things about a break.

1) Sleep. More sleep. Sleeping a little later in the morning. Not having to wait till the crack of dawn to get some miles in. Lingering in bed with my boys and a cup of tea. Definitely beats running.

2) No more treadmills. I salute you, treadmill regulars. Because I am SO glad I don’t need to use those things any more!

3) Running with friends. I loved running with my family this weekend, not worrying about pace or distance but just enjoying the company.

4) The itch to train again

And I have it SO badly!!! This is what I’m doing this rest for. After my marathon in 2004, I was so aimless and so tired that I stopped running altogether for about six years. After Healdsburg, I was tired so I wanted this break to stop me losing my zip altogether. And it’s working. I’m itching to start training again.

The good news is that the Brother-in-Law (hereafter known as the Bro) has accepted his 40th birthday challenge to run a 4 mile race on 10th Nov…so we’re on!!!  I’m really excited about training again.

Now…I obviously need some carbs!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. A running break is nice sometimes. It’s nice just to run for the pure enjoyment of running. No set pace, no set distance…. just running.

    1. Cathryn says:

      I feel mixed about it, as per the post. But I know it’s good for me – I’m excited about starting training again instead of dreading it.

  2. Nic J says:

    What about shifting focus? Dressing up runs, obstacle courses etc are one option. Or work on your technique – have a biomechanics/gait assessment and see what that flings up. Or try other options: don’t remember you being too keen on swimming but how about a duathlon – run/bike/run? And for a Jan run – look up Bath Skyline 10k and let me know what you think! Nic x

    1. Cathryn says:

      Quite like the biomechanics idea…the professional photos of my half marathon showed some really interesting foot strikes that I had no idea I did!!!! Will look up Bath 10k – Uk dates may change a little but I’d always love to run in Bath.

  3. I felt that way all last summer, that aimless rambling type of running. But I tried to keep a solid base (like running at least one 10-miler a week but without any pace goals) and just run what I felt like that day. It was nice because I never felt bad about taking a day off or not hitting some set numbers. Can’t wait for next summer to feel that again. Right now I’m up to my eyeballs in charts, graphs, and paces! All self-imposed of course, so according to my brother, I am not allowed to complain about it because it’s recreational.:)

    1. Cathryn says:

      You’re right, I’m going to try and keep one 9 miler per week to keep distance up. You can always complain, it’s part of being a woman 🙂

  4. Jen says:

    I thought you were going to start doing some more trail runs?

  5. Cathryn says:

    AAAAAAH…I’m so gutted, my running friend who I was going to run trails with is pregnant. Clearly I am over the moon for her but her doc has told her not to run trails due to the increased risk of twisting an ankle or falling (loosened ligaments etc). Obviously I understand but I am a little gutted for myself!!,

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