Fleet feet in Fleet Week

Yep…final weekend before Healdsburg. And not one but TWO issues of Runners World landed in my mailbox. Not hugely impressed with Rodale’s organisation (it took about a month from my subscription for them to arrive) but frankly, that’s a great Friday night when you have a toddler!

Alas, red wine wasn’t on their list of the 109 best foods for runners.
It came in at 110 and thus just missed the cut.

I couldn’t run on either morning due to commitments so ended up going for my final long run at 4pm on Saturday. This isn’t ideal but it was fine. It was a little warm but not too bad. What WAS bad was my technical difficulties AGAIN. Nike Plus failed to put on my music which led to me stopping a couple of times in the first hundred yards, and also failed to tell me when I’d completed miles and my speed. I’m going to need to look at these issues this week. And my trusty old watch would have been fine except that I forgot to restart it after one of the Nike Plus stops. Grrr. This is annoying.

This old banger never lets me down – as long as I remember to turn it on…

But eventually I got going. I restarted my watch at mile 2 (there are mile markers for some of the route) and am simply adding 19 minutes (the time I ran miles 3 and 4) onto the total time. Rough, but okay. I had to guess the turnaround point because the mile markers had ended. I was lucky I got it right. But the actual running part wasn’t bad at all.  Headwind for the first six miles, tailwind for the second six, that helped. I felt pretty good for most of the run but I was properly shattered at the end. I asked myself, at mile 12 if I was able to dig any deeper and I knew I could – I chose not to today for training but I know that if I was racing, there was something in reserve.

My route today

So all in all …. 13.1 or 13.2 miles in pretty much exactly 2 hours. I don’t mind that my distance and time numbers are so inexact – it stops me either despairing and panicking or getting too cocky. I know it’s do-able next week. I just will need to work for it. And that’s okay.

So that was the running part of the weekend. The exciting part was that it was Fleet Week here in SF last week and the Blue Angels (The US equivalent to the Red Arrows, UK people) did their air display on Sunday afternoon. Last year we chose a bad spot and didn’t see anything for the fog. This year, one of our friends,  who works as an engineer on the Bay Bridge, invited us to the still closed section of the new bridge to watch the display. We nearly bit his hand off. So here are some snaps of the amazing Blue Angels.

Blue Angels above the Golden Gate Bridge
Tight formation
Angels over Alcatraz
These lucky cruise-ship people got the best view in the house and a cocktail in each hand!

I’m a bit inspired…I keep singing ‘Highway to the Danger Zone’. It’s not annoying the Husband yet.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Isn’t the red wine considered preparation for Healdsburg by Runner’s World? If not, it totally should be. Nice run!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I think it’s called getting into the spirit of this particular half 😉

  2. Jen says:

    Nice run, despite the technology problems. I can’t wait to have you pace me next weekend. 😉

    BTW, red wine not making the list is enough for me to boycott Runner’s World! They obviously need a special post-run category that includes beer, wine, chocolate, ice cream, and burritos.

    1. Cathryn says:

      Totally agree…I’m dying for the post-race wine on Sunday. I’ve given wine up for a week. Rotten!!

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