Lucky for some!

Thirteen! Lucky for some. A long run for me!

Good morning, welcome to a new week. Firstly…any thoughts on the new header? Obviously I thought it would be a seasonal pumpkin-themed affair but I’m wondering if it just looks odd. Do they look like pumpkins or citrus fruit? Is anyone except me bothered??

Anyway…the weekend. It was a good one, even though the Husband had to work for most of it as his project launches today. On Saturday, I got in this week’s long run – I wanted to do 13 miles. For previous half marathons I’ve run 12 miles in training but that last mile is always a killer so this time I am running two thirteen milers. (Actually,I thought I would also do a fourteen miler until I realised this weekend that I’d miscounted my weekends. D’oh).

So I was up at 6 and sat waiting and dressed for a glimmer of daylight and then hit the road. It was a messy run in many senses. I had several stops – I left my long-sleeved layer at a local garage to pick up on the way home. I had a desperate MRP (mid-run-poo, obv) in a Mexican supermarket in a slightly dodgy area. I had traffic lights to stop for. And then my timing devices were both inaccurate. I left Nike Plus running during all the aforementioned stops so it counted the time too long, and then forgot to restart my wrist-watch after one stop so frankly I have no idea of my running time. But it was a good run…I ran at varying paces, some faster miles, some slower miles, which I think suited me. I ran some new streets (and some I won’t be running again). And I got home with two minutes to spare before the husband’s conference call!! Phew. So all in all, I ran 13 miles exactly in very close to two hours exactly, from what I can deduce from my iPhone and my watch. It may have been a minute under or a minute over….nothing like a bit of suspense, eh?

I have two training weeks to go before Healdsburg. We got an email from the race director this weekend which sent me into a spin of excitement. The roads will be open as it’s grape harvest, which means that I won’t be able to run the tangents that I’ve been thinking hard about – but it does mean the Husband and Dude will be able to cycle the route and take photos, which is exciting. And there’s no medal at the end (boo) but I do get a free wine glass. I am getting very excited about the race but also a little nervous. I think my training peaked a few weeks ago so, at least psychologically, I have work to do. And this is the first time I have been so focussed and so public about my goals. Hopefully the fear of looking stupid will make me run a bit faster!

What else….the San Francisco Marathon announce their ambassadors today. I am inordinately excited about this and desperately hoping. I promise to be all grown-up and philosophical if they pick someone who actually runs marathons, but I do hope they pick me!!!

How can they not want this face?

And finally…three or four years ago, The Husband and I bought Salomon trail shoes for hiking and everyday wear. We have lived in them, we have literally worn them out – the Husband’s toes poked out of his this weekend. So we ordered new ones which arrive in a few days. I honestly think these new shoes are the most beautiful shoes on the planet, I am SO excited about them. I’m obviously going to wear them when I start trail running…but I really don’t want to get them dirty!!

Come to Mummy, beautiful shoes!

The Dude and I MAY be going to Gold Country today – the plan has been to go and stay with some friends there. But my darling Charlie cat had a BIG fight with a black-as-pitch feline monster (known to us as Hellcat) this morning and frankly, he had his ginger bottom kicked. He’s not at all well.  So I may not be going. Oh the excitement. Watch this space!

The wounded warrior, in happier times. Isn’t he amazing???

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  1. Jen says:

    Nice job on the 13 miles! Hate those MRP’s (haha, love the acronym, btw). At least there was a bathroom nearby, even if it was a dodgy one. I know how you feel about the psychological pressure of declaring your goals. It’s funny because, from my perspective, I think you’re definitely going to get the sub-2… and you are probably thinking the same about me, but I’m already making A, B, and C-goals to see what I’d be happy with. (For the record: A = sub 2; B = under 2:02:30; C = PR by any amount of time under current PR of 2:05:40.)

    As for the pumpkin header — cute idea, but I agree it’s a little too cropped/close up. Any way to zoom out a bit?

    1. Cathryn says:

      You’re so right, I totally assume you’ve got it in the bank already!! I have a B goal too…anything under 2.04.45 (my current PR) but I’ll be gutted if I don’t get my A goal. Grrr.

      Thanks for the header feedback…I’ll change it later in the week! The cat is MUCH better so we’re off to Gold Country, hurrah!!!

      1. Jen says:

        Awesome, have a great time!

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