A week without running….

Years ago, I saw a sign outside a church in the UK which declared ‘Seven days without prayer makes one weak’. I thought it was funny, and personally true. And today, I can declare boldly that seven days without running makes one flabby, both physically and emotionally.

What I looked like and felt like this week. Minus the running.

Yep, I’ve done practically NO running this week. On Tuesday morning I churned out four grim miles. Monday had been my worst ever day parenting. Nothing specifically horrific but just long, wearisome and exhausting which left me literally in tears in front of my Dude. Thank GOODNESS that that was the worst and he perked up to regain most of his usual loveliness. But it was interesting how, in those four miles, my legs reflected the tired, drained emptiness of my heart.

I did do some excellent running-focussed thrift-shopping this week – you should get excited about the photos of my finds that you’ll enjoy this week!

Oooh, hello bargain running stroller…

Things did improve dramatically in terms of parenting…and life also got exciting because my darling best friend from the UK flew into San Francisco with her lovely new husband on their belated honeymoon.  (You may remember I was gutted I couldn’t make their July wedding). They stayed with us for four short days and I never got out the house for any runs. Firstly we were busy, secondly time with friends was precious and thirdly, we frankly ate so much that I couldn’t lug my bloated stomach out on a run. But we had so much fun that I didn’t mind that much.

Gorgeous, aren’t they.

Do you want some snippets of the fun we had?

Not a bad view – hiking Purissima Creek State Park
I LOVE taking Brits to Target for the first time!
I love this foggy view of the bridge
Me and my darling, exasperating Dude in Sausalito

Anyway, they left us on Saturday afternoon for the next part of their honeymoon, and on Sunday morning, I rose at 6am determined to haul my sorry self back into reality. I was going to do 12 miles, ideally at less than 9.07 pace. I wasn’t expecting it to be fun or pretty or easy but I was going to do it. And I did. The first three miles were a little grim, but then everything woke up, my legs remembered they used to like running and I did my 12 miles at exactly 9.00 pace!! I didn’t deserve such a decent long run this week but I’m grateful for it and boy, you should see my plan for getting fit again this week!!

9:08 9’08″/mi
17:49 8’41″/mi
26:54 9’04″/mi
35:47 8’53″/mi
44:51 9’03″/mi
53:54 9’02″/mi
1:02:52 8’57″/mi
1:11:39 8’46″/mi
1:20:38 8’58″/mi
1:29:39 9’01″/mi
1:38:46 9’06″/mi
1:47:55 9’09″/mi

Not too bad!

This coming week, apart from running, running and more running, I have three running-based nights out this week. (This, in itself, is spectacular. THREE nights out in one week? Hasn’t happened for nearly three years).  And I have a race this Saturday night – the Firefly Run 5k, which I’m running for giggles with a good friend and one of her friends. I’m excited about it and am planning my outfit! So bring on this exciting week…me and my belly are ready for you!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. NIc J says:

    Judging by those times, I think your body apprecaited the rest! Sometimes you need a week off just to remember how to rest, refuel and refocus. I’d consider it tell well spent (particularly if wine and cake were involved!!)

    1. Cathryn says:

      A rest is always good!! Having a wine and cake holiday at the moment though, although wine is on the cards tomorrow so that didn’t last long.

  2. Jen says:

    Looks like a nice week, minus the troubles with your little one. And great times on that long run! I did 14 miles yesterday at a much slower pace (11 min/mile).

    1. Cathryn says:

      14 miles is amazing – I can’t imagine running any further than 13, these days, and that’s only when I’m promised a medal 😉 I do need to run 14 in the next few weeks…grr. Are you signed up for a marathon? Or a half? And the Dude is much MUCH better now. No idea what happened last week!

      1. Jen says:

        I’m the same as you — I only ran 14 because I’m training for a marathon (CIM). I can’t believe I have to run 12.2 more miles on top of what I did yesterday!
        I’m also signed up for Healdsburg, which also happens to be my birthday, so I hope the racing gods smile upon me that day!
        BTW, I know you’ve been to my food blog, but I also have a running blog if you’re interested in checking it out: jensrunningblog.wordpress.com 🙂

      2. Cathryn says:

        You know, I actually found your running blog yesterday and I got very excited!! I’m so glad you’re doing Healdsburg as well – we should catch up, it would be nice to see a smiley (birthday) face!! You’re bound to PR if it’s your birthday!!!

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