10 running questions

The ladies at Another Mother Runner sent out a nice little running ’10 questions’ this week and I was thinking them through on my morning run today…and so thought I’d have some fun and answer them!! So here you go!!

1. Best. Run. Ever.

When I was training for the London marathon in 2004, I did my final 20 miler in London starting in my house in the suburbs, running into the city, along the South Bank, past Buckingham Palace, through Hyde Park and Regents Park and then back into the ‘burbs and home again. It was fantastic, I loved every minute. Bonus….I had sunshine and cool temperatures.

South Bank! Source

2. Three words that describe my running

Slowly Getting Faster

3. My go-to running outfit

A Nike compression bra, some long shorts/short capris and a clean vest top (tank top, US). And my Nike Vomeros.

My basic summer running uniform – medal and number, optional

4. Quirky habit when running.

I have to wear mascara, no matter what time I run. Even if it’s 6am and no-one’s around, it’s mascara time. This from the girl who reapplied mascara twice during labour.

5. Morning, midday, evening?

Generally morning, although sometimes midday if I can’t get up. Rarely evening.

6. I won’t run outside when…

…it’s icy. Rain, cold, snow – we Brits laugh in your face. But ice is just stupid to run in. And thank goodness for the Bay Area where ice is non-existent!!

7. Worst injury and how I got over it.

I’ve been pretty lucky with running injuries – I had Plantar Fasciitis earlier in the year but the Profoot PF insole was amazing and cured it totally within a few weeks. My worst ever injury was breaking my leg skiing in 2008 – cured by a metal pin, some screws, morphine (waaaaay) and intense dedication to my physiotherapy due to a forthcoming bicycle tour!

The leg breaking incident

8. I feel most like a badass mother runner when…

I run hills. Hills always make me feel badass.

9. Next race is…

….the Firefly 5k in a few weeks. It’s going to be hilarious – but not fast.

10. Potential running goal for 2013.

Trails. Trails, trails and more trail and a trail half-marathon.

I’m coming for you in 2013!!

And you??? What are your answers??

7 Comments Add yours

  1. I love your translations for us US folk! The leg incident does not sound fun at all, but it amazes me what out bodies can heal from. I need to adopt your attitude on hills. We have so many here that I might as well embrace it.

    An I had to laugh (and thought of you) when my husband told me this morning that he meant he was OK with his work picture going on My Facebook page (the personal one) and not my blog. Oops.:)

    1. Cathryn says:

      Haha…what he doesn’t know šŸ˜‰

      It’s funny, the UK/US word thing. Tank top/Vest top is my favourite. In the US a tank top is like what Bruce Willis wears or a strappy top that a girl wears. In the UK that’s a vest or a vest top. But here a vest is a padded sleeveless top or a knitted sleeveless jumper but in the UK, the padded top is a gilet and the knitted top is a tank top!!

  2. Nicola J says:

    Hmmm – these answers may change when I have more time to think about it, but off the top of my head:
    1) Romsey 5m a few years ago – town/village single lap, beautiful countryside, well supported by locals, and came in sub 44mins, so under a 9 mins mile. Never equalled since… But that was the cherry on top – the best bits were the supporters, it being post Christmas, blue skies and feeling great!
    2) Paula’s slower cousin…
    3) Asics Kayano, cropped leggings, beast of a Shock ABsorber bra (according to BRavissimo measuring a few weeks ago I am no longer a deluded 36C but a big and well supported 34F. Bloody hell! You could wear my bra as a hat! Tech t-shirt, belt with tissues and water. When I run, my eyes run, and my nose runs. And always handy to have supplies in case of PRP…
    4) I can’t do the running spit (and don’t intend to learn). Instead, if it gets bad, I have to pull over, stop, swill mouth and spit into the hedge. Think dentist visit…
    5) Currently, best runs are after work, but most successful (ie happening at all) are first thing. And it was nearly dark this morning… Gloves were required!
    6) Ditto – don’t run in ice, but running in fresh snow is the best!
    7) Ligaments over the hip. Ultra upright running style doesn’t like lots of mielage and us training for London 2004 pushed the hips beyond what they could tolerate. REsult, could barely walk at all for a while, and then rehab, postponement of London entry to 2005, and prob the vow not to try a marathon again. I’m only 98.5% sure this will not happen.
    8) The only time I get this feeling is in the last mile or so of a race and I start to catch people up, trail them for a bit and then accelerate past them. Boys in particular, when in sight of the finish line, really don’t like this.
    9) NOthing planned, but need to get something lined up before the end of the year. Def on to do something Wiltshire-based with your good self when you come back in Jan next year though!
    10) REckon duathlons are worth a try. Want to get back on the bike, but not keen on swimming so I think triathlons are probably a no-no. However, I think a duathlon could be a target!

    11) Inspiration – YOU. Have been trundling along doing 3 half hearted runs a week, but your blogs have spurred me on, and managed 4 outings last week! Runers World mag has similar effect, but not so strong!

  3. Cathryn says:

    LOVE the answers, Nic…and I wish you could see how big my smile is at question 11 šŸ˜‰ I miss our Hampstead Heath runs and our frantic MRPs!!! Can’t wait to run with you in Jan!! x

    1. Nic J says:

      You know a good running friend when they don’t bat an eyelid if you ask them to hold your running bottle whilst you head into the bushes with a handful of tissue. Potentially a dodgy statement to make about running on the Heath, but for us runners, it makes perfect sense!!

  4. Jen says:

    I found the tidbit about mascara hilarious. Reapplying twice during labor?? Wow!

    I also broke my leg (actually my ankle) skiing, and also had to get metal installed. We’re both bionic!

  5. Cathryn says:

    Masara is an obsession…but I was in labour for 38 hours so I had time to think about it šŸ˜‰

    And bionic girls for the win!!

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