Pushing the pace

The good news is that my melodramatic striking down with metatarsalgia seems to be over…a lot of frozen peas and an extra rest day and I’m pain-free. I’ll keep on with the icing for a while though…phew, I thought I was crippled.

I wasn’t crippled so I celebrated with 12  miles very early on Sunday morning. I waited, in my running gear, until it was light enough for the Husband (he wouldn’t let me run in the dark, which I found incredibly sweet). And then I was out. I wore my old watch and had planned a 6 mile out-and-back, and so I set off. I hoped to be at the turnaround point by 54 minutes (or 55 at the latest) so was gutted to arrive there at nearly 58. I’d pushed the pace as hard as I could all the way, trying to hold a decent speed for the entire run instead of alternating fast/slow miles. And 58 mins wasn’t good enough.

I ran back, pushing harder and thinking dark thoughts about Nike Plus, wondering if they’d short-measured all my long runs and if I was much slower than they had led me to believe. I plotted angrily to buy a Garmin on Monday morning and grumbled inwardly. As I ran back into my town, I realised that, early on, in my sleepy haze, I’d run a slightly different route than I’d planned originally, I wondered if that had made a difference. And it did. I got home, measured my actual route online and had done 12.5 miles instead of 12. Aha!!! 12.5 miles in 1.52.33 at a 9.00 pace exactly. I was flipping happy with that – and grinned all the way through my mad dash to go from Runner Girl to Church Girl in thirty minutes! Still on track for sub-two in five weeks’ time.


In other scenes this weekend….we went on a fab bike ride with some friends around a local reservoir. The Dude decided he would rather go in his trailer…so the Husband had a particularly hard workout, especially when the Dude’s little buddy decided to hop in too. Eight miles took us about three hours – cycling is slow with two toddlers. Hardly gold medal winning but a lot of fun.

Lexington Reservoir
The Dude and The Buddy. One heavy load for The Husband. Worthy of Capitals.
Cycling helmets are seriously the least flattering things of all time.

And finally,  because I’m a proper runner now, I took out a subscription to Runners World. I know it’s ridiculous but this does make me feel like a proper runner. SLAP ME NOW!

See? Proper runners pose with their Runners Worlds on aeroplanes.

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  1. Jen says:

    Nice run, Cathryn! Also, glad to hear the foot pain has gone away.

  2. Cathryn says:

    Thank you! And me too! That was a weird little episode…it hurt quite a lot but went away so quickly. Hurrah anyway. BTW…made the zucchini bake (with butternut squash instead of potato) and it was delish, thank you!

    1. Jen says:

      Ooooh, butternut squash sounds delightful! Glad you liked the recipe. 🙂

  3. I’m gonna have to get my encyclopedias out to understand that first sentence, but whatever it is, I’m happy for you that it is better. Whatever you do, don’t buy a Garmin! I don’t know what the best alternative is, but I have been very disappointed with my Garmin. But I try not to mention that too much in front of my husband because he got it as a present for me. When it works, it’s great, but I have many times plugged it in and verified that it was charging, just to wake up to a dead Garmin for my early run. And my husband hates for me to run by myself in the dark too, which has made me more cautious of it too. I even bought a reflective vest for running in the dark with my long-run group because we meet before dawn. Wow, longest comment ever from my cell phone!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thanks for the Garmin feedback…I’ve heard such mixed reports about them that I don’t know what to do for the best!!! Do you think it’s Garmin generally that are rubbish or the model you have? I agree with the husbands…running in the dark is not a great idea. Come winter, I’ll be fine until about 7pm in the dark, but much later or early in the morning, it’s just not worth the risk. My friend runs every day with a head torch in the winter…and a massive dog but I think she’s very brave. But I do think our husbands’ protectiveness is very sweet….I loved it.

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