Lovely Labor Day

For any UK readers, this weekend was Labor Day, basically a bank holiday. As someone who once was IN labour, I am happy to celebrate it roundly. We had a fantastic weekend.

I packed two runs into this weekend. The first was on Saturday morning when I couldn’t get my two boys off their iAddictions, so I abandoned them and drove to a nearby park to do some hill repeats. Five times up the less-steep side, three times up the steep side. I was sweaty, happy and feel badass by the end. (I love that word, although I feel a little self-conscious using it as it’s not British at all).

The not-so-steep side
The steep side
The view from the top – San Francisco is waaay off in the distance

On Monday, I was up early for 12 miles. I needed new roads to run and was more fussed about having a good Bank Holiday weekend run than pushing the pace at all. So I drove to  Saturday’s park, parked up and headed out. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous run. When Nike Plus told me I’d run the first two miles in 15 minutes, I knew the timing was wonky and I wouldn’t get any solid timing data from this run…so I relaxed into it and just ran for happiness. Through downtown and along a quiet road which quickly became totally rural, studded with amazing big houses. Back into the ‘burbs and through a very hilly residential neighbourhood where I climbed up and down like a rollercoaster before finishing back on the flat again. It was quite a tough run but I loved every minute and felt so happy at the end.

Lovely lovely running road
Run with a view…

I was less happy at the end when I got home and mapped my run online…and realised Nike Plus had it wrong and I’d run 11 miles. Which is still great but when you get up early,  leave the Husband to babysit, put in loads of effort and think you’ve run 12…running 11 is pretty disappointing. Grrrr.  I was also RUNGRY (hunger from running) which required pancakes, raspberries, greek yoghurt, honey and almonds.

Three of them.

The first…

If I’d KNOWN I’d run 11, I would have stopped at two. Maybe.

And then….I sent off my application to be an ambassador for the 2013 SF Marathon. I can’t decide if I stand a chance or not, but, if they DO pick me, expect loads of ‘encouragement’ to run the Half with me next year. June 16th…in your diary now, people!

And the rest of the weekend?

Friday night bruschetta and wine with 8 lovely girls.

Wine! Food! Girls!

On Saturday, we took pizza to friends who have moved from the city to the ‘burbs.

Welcome to the ‘burbs! Say goodbye to your coolness 😦

On Sunday, after church, we went to the races for Dollar Day! Entrance, parking, hot dogs, beer, pop…all one dollar. It was like playing monopoly!

Horse Racing…I won THREE races!!
Family portrait at the races

And on Monday, after my 11 miles (grrr) we did a fantastic family hike in Huddart Park. We ended up inadvertently playing Hunger Games (aka Hide n Seek) which also involved the Husband being stung by a tracker jacker (aka wasp) and us actually using Mockingjay calls when I got separated from the boys. That was my favorite bit.

One strong man who carried one heavy boy for a long way uphill
My stint lasted about five minutes.

Such a happy weekend!!! What did you do??

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  1. I just got done reading some chapters of The Magician’s Nephew to the kids, and for some reason I can only read all of the Narnia books in to them in a British accent. So my British voice was in my head the whole time I read your post.

    And I love “rungry.” Plus I love those pancakes. Yum. My Garmin has been finking and not charging and lots of other stupid stuff. It’s so aggravating, but it is nice that when you know it’s wrong/dead, you can just move on and enjoy your run.

    1. Cathryn says:

      I was a bit annoyed about the distance being wrong. The timing I can live without but getting it a mile wrong was a pain in the bum.
      I would love to hear your British accent…Americans doing British accents are almost as funny as Brits doing American accents. I LOVED the Narnia books as a kid. I still can’t look up under a lamp post as it snows and not pretend I’m Mr Tumnus the Faun…and I so loved the bit in The Last Battle about them running and not growing weary, that was so beautiful. I get very weary when I run 🙂

  2. Dana says:

    You do know what that “hill” you ran up & down by the Bay is, right? If not, I’ll give you a hint…. it’s a “trashy” part of town. 😉 Nevertheless, I love running it too.

  3. Cathryn says:

    I did wonder how it magically got there!

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