The lesser of two evils

This summer, I have thoroughly enjoyed running in the early morning. From about April onwards, I have risen with the lark and run varying distances through morning air laced with jasmine, then roses, then fennel as the seasons have changed. I have felt utterly happy and really quite smug.

Jasmine, smell of the spring…

However this week it has become apparent that my stretch of morning running is under threat. I am NOT good at morning running, I am NOT good at getting up if the sky is dark and already it’s dark at 6am!! Because I’m the Stay At Home Mum to just one child, I have the utter luxury of liberty with my time and I can choose to run later most days if I need to.

So I have an alternative to morning runs…stroller runs.

Stroller runs are not my favourites. They are hard work, so much harder than non-stroller runs. I don’t enjoy them. But this week I have realised that I prefer stroller runs to early mornings in the dark. So I’m going to build them into my regular running weeks. I’d like to do one stroller run every week, building gradually up to one hour and maybe even a 10k. That’s assuming I can keep the Dude on board with the plan.

Today we went out for our first official training run together. We ran four miles in three sections. The first was a straight three miler and I was tired at the end. We ran to the park. We will be running to a lot of parks in the next few months together.

Hurrah, we made it to the park!

Then we ran about half a mile to the supermarket where I added a gallon of milk, some salmon, some ginger paste and an apple turnover for the Dude to my load and then we ran about half a mile home. On the home stretch, my legs were feeling it. I’m confident that stroller running will make me stronger!!

We run with a bog-standard Bugaboo stroller. I have a Jeep three-wheeler which I’ve run with in the past. I like it in many ways (we found it immaculate in the dumpster outside our house) but it’s ridiculously heavy so we’ve reverted back to the Bugaboo. I dream of a Bob, but it’s unnecessary – I’m a firm believer that you can run with any type of stroller, especially when your child is no longer a newborn.

So that’s it. There will definitely still be early morning runs, but stroller running is back for the Autumn. Me and my new running buddy are ready!

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  1. Whoa, look at that amazing blue sky! I’m sure your little dude will love the runs. My kids only get them occasionally when my brother takes them in his jogger, but they love it. It’s like a really fun ride for a long time. Plus with the park in the middle, he cannot be sad about it at all.

    1. Cathryn says:

      We’re lucky with the weather, it’s pretty much perfect here! The Dude gets the ipad or iphone when we run…he thinks it’s a good deal!

  2. Dana says:

    Get the BOB! My only runs are in the evenings with Julia hanging out solo in the double-BOB. That thing is worth its weight in gold, even after 4 years, it runs smoothly and glides over rocks on every hike we’ve ever taken, and Josh still fits in it! You can still get a good rhythm steering with only one hand. Plus it carries lots of groceries — once we brought home our Thanksgiving turkey in it! 🙂

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