On heroines.

The Hunger Games came out on DVD on Saturday, and I made the Husband watch it that very evening. I took him to see it at the cinema a few months ago, and he enjoyed it. He enjoyed it the second time round too, bless him. And the third time, on Sunday evening.

I love the Hunger Games. And lying there, during my facial on Saturday, I found myself thinking about why I love it (because I’m waaaay too old to love it) …and I love it because of Katniss Everdeen. She just rocks. She is strong, independent, resourceful, feisty, able to save herself, compassionate, ruthless…and she has great hair and a nice jacket too! She’s not perfect – she is paranoid, maybe a little rude and can be quite bolshy. But are any of us perfect? I will always be very sad not to have a daughter, but one thing that I am relieved about is that we will never need a house full of Princess stuff. I will never need to try and teach a girl how, even though fairy tales are lovely, she can always save herself, she doesn’t need a prince!

And this got me thinking about heroines. Who MY heroines are. My role models. And I realised that although there are a couple of famous ladies that I admire from afar, my heroines are basically the girls I know and love. ALL my closest friends are my heroines – I seem to choose amazing girls to be my friends. In each of my friends there is something I deeply admire. A fierce intellect, a wicked sense of humour, the gift of diplomacy and political awareness, a drive to achieve, gentleness, compassion, wisdom, a thirst for knowledge, the ability to put an outfit together. In each of my best friends, there is something admirable in them that I learn from, want to emulate. They make me better people. But a post full of photos of my best friends would be boring to everyone except me and them. So here are a few of my other role models. Two of them are people I know, the others I don’t know personally but you may know of them.

My Mum.

No surprise here. The girl I most want to be like is this one. She is beautiful, funny, gentle, fierce, clever, wise, perceptive and selfless like no-one I’ve ever known.

Me and the girl I want to be when I grow up.


Lois works in my church and is just amazing. Just hanging out with Lois makes me want to be a better person, to be more godly and to be more tanned as well!!

Lois and her lovely husband

Ali on the Run

Ali is a running blogger in NYC. I find running superstars too intimidating – I will never be like Paula Radcliffe. That’s one of the reasons I love running blogs – bloggers are normal people. Ali’s blog is one of my daily highlights, she makes me want to run further and faster, and to wear shorter shorts than is advisory with my British thighs.

I have that T-shirt. I don’t have those legs though.

Source: Ali’s FB page

Kristin Armstrong

Kristin is a fantastic runner but a better writer. She writes a beautiful weekly column for Runners World, but has also written a couple of wonderful Christian books that have really challenged me and grown my faith. I love how she combines faith, running and motherhood in her writing – it just resonates with me. And she has great teeth!


Josie Dew

Josie is a British cyclist and writer. She spent her youth cycling round the world on her own and writing some inspiring books about it. Her books gave me the courage to cycle on my own, and the desire to drag the Husband across Europe on the bikes. Now she too has kids and combines cycling with toddlers. Again, you can see why I like her!


Michelle Obama

I love this woman. I think she’s amazing. She gave a talk to some British schoolchildren a few years ago and it had me in tears. In the UK, we rarely see older women publicly trying to encourage young girls to be clever and smart and to achieve. I loved her for that.


CJ Cregg

Obviously not a real person as she’s from The West Wing. But my all-time favourite female TV character. She’s so strong and funny and sharp, she reminds me very much of one of my best friends.


You could also check out this blog of an amazing Utah lady who was badly burned in a plane crash a few years ago, and yet deals with her burns with such incredible grace. I find myself regularly humbled by her!

So that’s my bunch of girls. Tell me, who are your heroines? I’m seriously up for any female role-models you can throw my way!!

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  1. I took my 11 year old niece to see Hunger Games when it first came out in the theatre. I did walk away thinking – good…finally, girls kicking it and portrayed at tough leaders who get things done!

    1. Cathryn says:

      I know, I loved that! I also loved how the guys were the love interest and there was hardly a love story anyway, instead of the girls being only there as arm candy!! So refreshing. And lucky you for having an appropriately aged niece as an excuse to go and see it 🙂

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