Running with a toddler!

I had a very funny workout on Friday!! The Dude and I headed out for an afternoon run. We’d dug out his old stroller and the Dude was up for a test-run. I’d hoped to run four or five miles, but he had other ideas and directed me loudly over to a nearby office park which has a running trail studded with outdoor gym type stations. Bars for pull ups, benches for press ups, that kind of thing. I used to go regularly but let it slip!

So off we went.

I ran about a mile there and did a couple of the stations, with the Dude snapping photos. (The photos of me below are by the Dude).  But then he insisted on getting out his buggy and joining in. My work out effectively ended at that point, but it became a load more fun. He ran around from station to station, wearing only a T shirt and underpants (we are potty training) and I taught him to do sit ups and push ups. He looked so cute!!

Crunching….everything ached the next morning
Also crunching. This is where my work-out ended and the giggling began
Mummy doing more crunchy things….
The Dude does a toddler sized one

I utterly loved this half hour or so with the Dude. We sat there on the floor at the crunches station as I supported his head and he leant backwards, and I got a real pleasure out of passing something I love on to my son. I’ve always hoped that the Dude would see me trying to be fit and healthy, and it would just naturally be something he did in his own life. And during this time together, I got a little glimpse of it. As I ran along, behind his fat little legs, pushing an empty stroller as he hurtled along shrieking…that felt good. Hearing him shout ‘I did it’ as he did a toddler-sized push-up…that felt good. I try to teach him the things I think are important – good manners, being compassionate, about God, about being healthy. And today I felt like something might be sinking in. And it felt really good.

Now if I could only teach him to poo in the potty!

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  1. Wow, he’s a pretty darn good photographer! Skills. I love that he has sunglasses but no pants. Classic! And we are currently wearing no pants (well not me, the twins) because of potty training. We regressed back to pull-ups when we got busy in the summer, but I am determined to be done with those too! Underwear only!

  2. Cathryn says:

    yeah, we’re potty training too. It’s going well really, but he refuses to wear pull ups so it’s nappies when we are out still. But I’m really pleased with him overall. Two poos, so I know he can do it, but he hasn’t done it for a while. the joys of toddlerhood, eh?

  3. Dana says:

    Good luck on the potty training! It’s not easy with boys! 😉

  4. Callam Froot says:

    Well I wouldn’t worry to much about potty training, he will let you know when he is ready.
    I myself have Aspergers Syndrome and traits of Autism I didn’t potty train till I was 17, I still have to wear night nappies for bed wetting and I sometimes wet when im nervous, anxious or scared, so I still wear pullups during the day just in case. I don’t know weather it has something to do with my autism or the fact that i was spanked every time I had an accident as a child or the fact that being small for my age I often fell in the toilet when my parents tried to potty train me as a child , that scared me a lot and to this day I would much rather poop in a plastic bag at home or try to hold it till I get home but that does not always work and sometimes I end up pooping my pullups than I have to change, as for pee I pee in a sink at home I consider it safer or else i will use a bottle and take it home with me, if I don’t have a bottle I just use my pullups than I change.

    Well the bus is here to take me to school (special needs school for young adults) and I guarantee at least 13 people on that bus will be sitting in poopy nappies till they get to school. Its not far so they don’t have to wait long the rest will probably be wet.

    I am classed as Severly Disabled so I get the privilege of going to special needs class at a special needs school with these people. bye

    1. Cathryn says:

      Thank you for commenting. My little boy sorted himself out in time!

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