Best long run…EVER!!

This weekend, I vowed to be healthy…to break the bad habits I’d slipped into, to get some exercise, to have some fun and to come out of the weekend feeling a bit cleaner, less oily and less bloated. And that, my friends, is what we did!

I snuck in a very funny afternoon run on Friday with the Dude…but the pictures from that are so funny that they merit their own post so you’ll have to wait till tomorrow. Hope you’ll survive 😉

On Saturday, I had a blissful morning! For Mothers’ Day, the Dude (well, the Husband) got me a Groupon for a local Aveda Spa, for a massage and a facial. It took me a while to get it booked, but on Saturday morning, I went!! I cycled there – all five miles of it, but that blissed-out, peaceful happiness settled over me more and more with every pedal stroke, so by the time I got there, I was floating already! I LOVE my bike so much. I’d forgotten how much I love her.

Me and Liesl
We get a bit arty farty

The Spa was lovely…it smelt SO good. I had an utterly blissful facial and then a great massage – the massage guy used a lot of pressure so my back and shoulders ached afterwards but I LOVE that. Lots of knots worked out. I came away determined to improve my very slack skincare routine! And I joined my boys for lunch in a salad-bar buffet nearby. The Husband was initially unimpressed by my choice but ended up having a good lunch so he was happy!

Let’s not mention the BIG hair…
No guilt here!!!

Actually I ate well all weekend. A little cake, a little wine but loads of veggies and decent quantities. That made me happy.

On Saturday night, we had an extra special treat… The Hunger Games came out on DVD so we rented it immediately. Loved it again. Trying to plait my hair all over again. Looking forward to winter for boots, trousers and a soft leather jacket.

And then on Sunday afternoon, I headed out for my long run! It was an afternoon run, 4pm, and I never really know how to fuel for afternoon runs. My lunch still felt heavy in my belly, my hydrating sloshed around….it was a bit uncomfy. But anyway. I had a plan for today. 11 miles, and I wanted to alternate normal speed miles with faster miles, ideally at 9.07 pace. And that is what I did.

I hate to over-react but LOOK AT THESE SPLITS, PUPPIES!!

9:29 9’29″/mi
18:16 8’46″/mi
27:17 9’01″/mi
36:16 8’58″/mi
45:30 9’13″/mi
53:41 8’11″/mi
1:02:33 8’52″/mi
1:11:30 8’56″/mi
1:21:03 9’32″/mi
1:29:44 8’41″/mi
1:39:27 9’42″/mi

I am beyond happy with these splits. I think this is my best ever long run. I’ve run further, but not at such a good pace. My overall stats were 11 miles on the dot (I could go NO further) at 9.03! The whole run was better than I’d hoped my fast miles would be. That pace, sustained for two more miles, will get me sub two in October.

Happy. Happy. Happy.

And Hungry. Hungry. Hungry.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicola J says:

    Good for you! Inspired me to run in London at the weekend, with great time as a result, even if just 4 miles!

  2. Cathryn says:

    Yippeeee…I miss running in London. Hey, I’m prob back in the UK in January…fancy a half marathon with me, for old times’ sake?

  3. Kristen says:

    Your spa day sounds amazing! Jealous! Awesome job on your run. You have a sub 2 no problem!

  4. Cathryn says:

    Thanks! I was so excited! I couldn’t have run any further though so I have work to do, but I can smell sub-two!!!

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