Running with an entourage!

We spent the weekend with the parents in Yosemite. We stayed outside the valley in a lovely house with two amazing dogs to borrow, and then went into the Valley on Sunday. I fully intended, both mornings, to run.  I had my route planned out, my clothes laid out, my alarm set both nights. But both mornings, I opted to sleep a bit more and to hang out with my parents. Bearing in mind they leave on Thursday and I won’t see them for a very long time, I don’t regret that decision at all.

However this morning, back at home, I was gagging to run. And best of all, I had an entourage.

It was just like this!!


Yes, I had my very own bodyguard and coach. My lovely old Dad came along on the bike for 10 miles. We were so excited about this that we took a setting-off picture. It took a few attempts.

Finally we were off. I had asked Dad to take a few photos, but he decided that his dual bodyguard/coach responsibilities were enough, so I got no pics. Never mind, I got some conversation and the loveliness of hanging out with my Dad. The ten miles were basically flattish with my monstrous local hill at mile 5. Dad stuck with me on the flat and then lost me at the hill whilst I plodded up. Some bodyguard. Although I could NEVER cycle up that hill, it’s ridiculously steep. I ran ahead and waited for him to catch me. Waited and waited and waited. I’d run at least three miles and was starting to worry about telling Mum how I’d lost her husband when he finally reappeared nonchalantly and we finished our miles together!!!

Then we did some family stretching.


Once again, I negative-splitted this run. Second time ever. I would love to say it’s because I’m a smarter runner, but it’s basically because the route is gently uphill, then wildly uphill, wildly downhill and then gently downhill. But I’m really pleased anyway at how strong I’m feeling in the final miles. I haven’t run as frequently as usual during the Parental State Visit, but I’ve kept up the distance runs, and that, for me is more important.

But not as important as having fun with my darling parents. Here are some Yosemite snippets. And I wish you could hear the Dude shouting ‘YO…semiteeee’. So cute!

Mum surrounded by hunks

No bears (boo) but plenty of squirrels were spotted!

Sound of Music style family portrait

Reflecting pool

This place is incredible.

About Cathryn

I'm from Wiltshire, a beautiful rural county in the south of England. My husband, son and I moved to California in August 2010 with my husband's job, whilst I stay at home with The Dude, our gorgeous five year old son. I love running and cycling. I'm a Christian. I am finally learning to cook (about time too). I'm loving exploring this new part of the world and meeting its wonderful people.
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3 Responses to Running with an entourage!

  1. Gorgeous! And I love the family lined up on the bench. Also, I think we have the same flexibility! I do yoga most weeks, and I’m still barely touching my toes.

  2. Kristen says:

    Ahh, so cute your dad rode next to you. Glad you had a great time in Yosemite. That place is amazing.

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