The best $5 I ever spent!

Remember that Half Marathon I did the other week?? Remember this photo?

This was my little man on a bicycle seat for the first time. We are the proud owners of a trailer and we’ve used it a decent amount, first when the Dude was four months old…

The Dude’s first bike ride in the FREEZING cold of a UK March
He was so toasty he fell asleep. The Husband and I took ten minutes to defrost when we got back!

…and then regularly ever since.

First trailer ride of 2012
Picking up a Craig’s List purchase

However I’m not the biggest fan of the trailer.  I don’t mean to criticise something that’s helped us, but it’s a lot of hassle. We don’t have a garage so I have to drag my bike down a flight of stairs to the driveway, then go up again and bring the trailer down, attach them, put the Dude in and then set off. This takes about 15 minutes and is just a lot of hassle and is a good excuse for me not to use my bike as much as I should do. It’s also HEAVY…fine on the flat, but a slogger up hills. So whilst I’ve appreciated the cycling time it’s given me and the Dude, I’ve been looking forward to the Dude being a little bit bigger so we can get a tag-along or something. (And then ultimately a tandem for me and my little boy. Not that I’m thinking too far ahead or anything).

Just what I want, Husband, in case you read this.
A yellow Bike Friday tandem.


And then came the borrowed bicycle seat the other weekend. And then, magically, wonderfully, incredibly we found a bicycle seat in a rummage sale on Saturday for five dollars. FIVE!! I seriously nearly kissed the gentleman who sold it to me. And today my Dad attached it and very nervously, the Dude and I had a spin round our development. It feels incredibly weird and I’m not that comfy but I didn’t drop the bike and the Dude didn’t fall off and get brain damage, so we all headed off to the library on our first bicycle-seat-ride!!

Mum, get out of your PJs and let’s go for a test-ride!
More grinning

I’m not going to try and make out that this was a massive work out but it was LOADS OF FUN!! No matter how much I love running (and I DO) the physical act of cycling will always be my favourite sporting activity. Within two pedal strokes, I feel free, carefree, happy, peaceful. It’s incredible.

The Dude chattered non-stop, it was so nice being able to talk to him as we rode. By the end of the ride, I started to feel like I was getting the hang of it, and whilst I’m not going to get cocky, it felt a little easier and less terrifying. There are downsides – I suspect napping will be less comfy, he’s not sheltered from the sun or the rain, he can’t play with toys whilst we ride as he’d drop them too easily. However the whole thing has got me very excited about doing a bit more cycling in the future!

Can we go out tomorrow??

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Now that looks like a perfectly wonderful way to spend time with the Dude and enjoy some cycling as well. Unfortunately, a lot of my cycling experiences of late involve a team of dogs out for conditioning runs that can easily get up to 12-15 MPH followed by a sudden stop-into the pavement, fence or my personal favorite a muddy ditch. 😉 Enjoy yourselves out there!

    1. Cathryn says:

      Ha…that sounds awful!! At least toddlers safely strapped into seats can’t do that! Tomorrow we are trying riding over golden gate bridge…let’s see what happens!!

  2. And that is why I love yard sales! Yay for a great find!

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